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zaterdag 3 september 2016

Charlie Hebdo is Very Funny For Fools


Italy furious after Charlie Hebdo caricature depicts quake victims as pasta & lasagna

© Stefano Rellandini
Italian politicians and the public are fuming over a “disgusting” satirical cartoon published by controversial French weekly Charlie Hebdo, which made fun of the victims of an earthquake that left nearly 300 people dead and obliterated entire towns.
Charlie Hebdo, which made headlines in 2015 after a terrorist attack that followed the publication of a series of controversial Mohammad cartoons, has just released another controversial satire.

has proven once again how they don't have respect for anyone. This is not satire.

The cartoon titled “Earthquake Italian Style” compared the quake victims with typical dishes of the country. The caricature showed a man covered in blood standing with a sign over his head reading “penne in tomato sauce.” The poor fellow is depicted next to a badly injured woman survivor who is labeled “penne au gratin.” The icing on the satirical image shows people squashed in the rubble with feet sticking out between the floors of a collapsed building with the sign reading “Lasagna”.
“These designs are disgusting,” said the Italian Minister of Justice Andrea Orlando, Le Figaro quoted. The minister added that by publishing the caricature the weekly “created a scandal” to “attract media attention.”
Mocking dead child refugees, religion or Italian victims of an earthquake isn't satire or freedom of speech. It's lazy hate.


cartoon comparing earthquake victims to Pasta has Italians up in arms, though many were unquestioningly in 2015
“All this is disgusting,” President Senate Pietro Grasso concurred, calling the respect for the freedom of satire an “irony”.
The most outrage came from the mayor of a quake-devastated town of Amatrice, who declared “the town is gone” after the disaster.

“How the f**k do you draw a cartoon about the dead!” Sergio Pirozzi said in response to the cartoon. “I’m sure this unpleasant and embarrassing satire does not reflect French sentiment.”
He added that misfortunes and the dead do not deserve a satire, saying “we will show how the Italian people are a great people.”
Following a similar reaction on social media, the French embassy in Rome said Friday that the Charlie Hebdo cartoon“does not absolutely represent the position of France.”
Calling the suffering of Italian people from earthquake an “immense tragedy,” the embassy issued “sincere condolences,”adding that the Frenchmen “are close to Italy in this difficult trial.”
An earthquake, measuring 6.2, hit central Italy on August 24 near the border of Umbria, Lazio, Abruzzo and Marche regions. It caused widespread destruction with severe damage being witnessed in the towns of Amatrice, Accumoli and Pescara del Tronto. The quake has taken lives of at least 294 people.

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  1. Misschien moest Frank Westerman maar weer eens een kaarsje branden voor Charlie Hebdo,
    in het kader van de 'weerloosheid van de weerloze tegenover de pen op het papier'.

    Hoeveel misdadige politici worden door Charlie Hebdo onberoerd gelaten, terwijl men zich
    daar kwijlend de handen ineen wrijft in de aanblik van alweer een grote groep weerlozen?

  2. Je suis Ilhan Tekir
    "Nederland heeft geen Erdogan nodig om de politiek, de ambtenarij, de academische wereld en het openbare leven te zuiveren van dissidenten. Nederland heeft namelijk Nederlandse journalisten en die storten zich de laatste jaren met verve op hun taak. Iedereen die iets zegt dat bij het journaille niet in de smaak valt, wordt in de media voor een volksktribunaal gebracht. Werkgevers, opdrachtgevers en organisaties waar de dissident bij aangesloten is, worden onder druk gezet met hem te breken." Lees verder