zaterdag 6 februari 2021

De Hysterie en Haat van de Cultuurloze Amerikaanse Beschaving

Het was in mijn spam-vak terecht gekomen. Het geeft een helder beeld van de hysterie en haat van de Amerikaanse beschaving. Leest u zelf maar:

America’s #1 tech investor uncovers the breakthrough of the century:

“Project Xi”

The US military, Google, Amazon, and Apple… have all joined forces to develop the most advanced weapon in history.

And it’s aimed straight at China.

This modern-day Manhattan Project is worth a potential $15 trillion. And one small company’s tech makes the whole thing go.

Dear Reader,

Right now, America is on the cusp of a massive change.

The pandemic has opened our eyes:

We can no longer pretend national security means just military technology…

America’s self-sufficiency has to be at the top of the list.

The problem is, we’ve outsourced almost our ENTIRE supply chain...

Which has put us in great danger. And made us dependent on the goodwill of potential enemies – especially China.


When coronavirus began to spread across America, China banned all exports of personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies.

I’m talking about stuff like face masks, test kits, health-care equipment, and other critical protective gear…

That shouldn’t be a problem for us, right?

We’re the land of abundance.

Except it quickly became obvious we have a huge problem.

Because almost all of our PPE equipment…

Is Made in China.

Not far from Wuhan, where the virus started.

But the pandemic was just a warning.

What could happen next is much worse...

Imagine your doctor can no longer prescribe you medicines… because there’s not a single pill left in the entire country.

Or, when you head out to restock your medicine cabinet… all you can find is empty shelves.


As chilling as this may sound, it could easily happen tomorrow…

Because the vast majority of our drugs come from China.

From over-the-counter products like aspirin, Tylenol, and vitamin C… to our best-selling prescription drugs for diabetes, blood pressure, Alzheimer’s, depression… and even chemotherapy drugs.

In fact, 97% of all antibiotics…

And more than 80% of the active ingredients in our medicines come from China.

Rosemary Gibson, a senior adviser at the prestigious health policy institute, The Hastings Center, warns:

If China shuts the door on exports of medicines... within a couple of months our pharmacies would be empty. And our healthcare system would cease to function. That’s how dependent we are."

China is no longer just a sweatshop for our t-shirts, bags, and shoes…

Over the past few decades, its tentacles have quietly penetrated almost every aspect of our lives.

Consider this: China makes over $200 billion a year from US technology companies…

But smartphone and microchip manufacturing are just the tip of the iceberg.

The Communist regime is also the main supplier of our automotive and airplane parts… our solar panels… lithium batteries... and rare minerals…

The US military depends on China for everything from satellites…to cruise missiles… and drones… to cell phones…

Practically every gadget and electrical appliance in your home... has essential parts that come from China.

Not to mention the constant cybersecurity threats from Chinese hackers… the spying… the blatant intellectual property theft…

Things have gotten so bad...

Government officials believe we are effectively in a new Cold War with China.

It’s been going on for years. And so far, China is winning.

But now, that’s all about to change...

The US Government and America’s top tech companies have joined forces on a “secret mission”.

This initiative is on a scale not seen since the Manhattan Project.

Amazon… Apple… Google… Tesla… Microsoft... IBM… the Department of Defense…

They’re all involved in this groundbreaking new technology.

Worth a potential $15 trillion…

This is the breakthrough that will put America back in the driver’s seat.

Once again, we’ll be the most technologically advanced nation in the world — a step ahead of the Chinese.

As we speak, scientists are racing to perfect the technology behind this initiative.

The pressure is high…

But in a matter of months, perhaps even weeks…

This enormously valuable breakthrough will impact the world in a massive way.

Frankly, even I am surprised at how fast this situation is evolving...

And one small company is at the center of it all…

The Modern-day Manhattan Project 

Hi, my name is Jeff Brown.

I’m a Silicon Valley investor and technology executive by trade.

For the past three decades, I’ve invested in — and worked with — some of the most advanced technologies in the world…

Before the general public has ever heard of them.

I’ve seen it all. From self-driving cars and artificial intelligence… to biopharma, gene-editing, and cyber security.

But what I’m going to reveal to you today…

Involves a new, radical technology that dwarfs all of those innovations combined.

No, I’m not talking about blockchain... 5G… or anything like that.

In fact, chances are, you’ve never even heard about this technology before.

Most people haven’t…

Because it’s something that’s been under wraps for years…

Even with the participation of 5 of the 6 largest companies in the world.

But now — for reasons you’ll find out in a moment — it’s ready to go mainstream.

Like I said, this is on a scale of the Manhattan Project.

It even started in the same Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the site of the famed secret nuclear bomb collaboration.


Insiders may call it the New Manhattan Project.

But I call it “Project Xi.”

Why? Because its mission is to counter a massive threat to America – coming from China.

And here’s the thing…

This operation isn’t about building a nuclear bomb… a new supersonic aircraft… or any kind of deadly weapon.

What’s under cover in the Oak Ridge National Lab is way more destructive.

It’s an economic weapon…

And it’s aimed straight at China.

America’s economic future depends on this project.

In fact, in a recent National Security Council report…

Eric Schmidt, the former Google CEO, is very clear about it:

“The threat from China is growing. [Project Xi] will change how we fight and how we defend America. It will have a profound effect on our immediate security, economic well-being, and position in the world.”

Just in the last few years, the US government put over $12 billion into “Project Xi”...

With an additional $4.9 billion in 2020.

The Pentagon poured over $4 billion into this project…

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) put in $2 billion…

Remember, DARPA brought us breakthroughs like the weather satellite… the internet… and the computer graphical interface… just to name a few.

The importance of this modern-day Manhattan Project is so huge…

The Energy Department deployed $5.5 billion.

On top of that…

The National Science Foundation spends over $100 million every year. Just to help with its research.


The success of this mission is critical not only for our national security…

It’s also a potentially massive boost to our entire economy.

That’s why, some of the biggest tech companies in America have gathered their brightest minds...

And opened dedicated departments to work exclusively on “Project Xi.”

Google spent over $3.9 billion so far…

Microsoft: almost $700 million…

IBM: $2 billion…

Apple: $786 million and counting...

And Amazon: another hefty $871 million.

In fact, Jeff Bezos believes this project will unlock “the Golden Age.”

Because it will help every single business in America…

And finally put an end to our arms race with China.

This is unprecedented. We are on the brink of winning the technological war...

And yet, the mainstream media isn’t even covering it.

All you hear from the TV pundits are the same old talking points...

How America is finished...

And how China will be the next global superpower.

But something incredible happened in the Oak Ridge National Lab not long ago...

And Project Xi has really taken flight.

This is a historic event, unlike anything we’ve seen in a long time.

But the key details are known only to those involved.

You see, America isn’t the only one working on this new-era technology.

Just like the original Manhattan Project and the nuclear bomb…

The United States is in an arms race against our adversary – China...

And whoever wins this race will dominate the 21st century.

Until recently, it wasn’t even close. China was far ahead of us.

But then, one small hardware company joined Project Xi... with nothing short of a new tech miracle.

And after seeing the test results coming out of the Oak Ridge Lab...

About the progress of this new technology…

For the first time, I’m going to show you what this tech miracle can do.

Thanks to this tiny piece of hardware…

We finally have a silver bullet to fight back against the Chinese Government.

Soon, our ground-breaking achievement will be further unveiled to the world…

And when it does, it will bring China’s economy to its knees.

We will no longer be at the mercy of our adversary…

Because this innovation will bring America’s supply chain back home.

It will increase our national security…

It will inject billions of dollars back to the American economy...

And companies involved with this innovation will see their share prices skyrocket.

But one small tech company... the heart that makes the whole thing go...

Is set to reap the biggest gains of all.


This Tiny Piece of Tech Could Destroy China’s Entire Economy

It seems like yesterday...

Up until the 1990s, the United States was the economic king of the world.

Americans had the highest standard of living in history…

And our production was dominating the earth:

Our factories turned the tide in World War II…

We helped rebuild Europe…

And thanks to American technology and manufacturing, we outlived the Soviet Union in the Cold War.

Then, two things happened:

First, in 2001, China entered into the World Trade Organization.

With its unlimited supply of cheap labor...

It lured every American corporation to move their production overseas.

Think about it: In 1965, manufacturing made up 53% of the US economy. By 2004, it plummeted to just 9%.


And second, and much worse...

Our political leaders and financial elites assumed it was all just free-market competition.

They were wrong.

China’s goal was world dominance. And they’re willing to play dirty to get it...

That's exactly what Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said recently:

“China thrives on deceit and has no interest in playing fair with other nations... It ripped off our intellectual property and trade secrets... And it sucked supply chains away from America...”

Pompeo is right...

The Communist Regime has infiltrated our corporations, science labs and universities...

They’ve even used American investors’ dollars to enrich their own companies and infrastructure…

Their cheap labor was a sleight of hand. A way to start pumping massive amounts of capital into their system.

In fact, China sucks almost $500 billion out of the US economy every year...

This isn’t capitalism or free trade.

According to the FBI, China is conducting a stealth economic and technological war against America...

But here’s the thing…

There’s one flaw in the Chinese Communist Party’s plan for world domination.

A crack in their otherwise bulletproof game plan...

And it could end their world dominance virtually overnight.

Miracle Tech Worth A Potential $15 Trillion

To show you what I mean…

Let me start with a simple question:

As investors, what’s the number one rule we all learn on day one?

It’s a no-brainer: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Because if you do… and something bad happens to that basket… you lose everything.

Well, guess what?

China ignored this basic rule of investing…

And put most of its eggs in one very lucrative basket: Manufacturing.

In other words, the Communist empire became the production hub for the whole Western world…

But in doing so, they’ve exposed themselves to a perfect economic attack.

Check this out:

Nearly HALF of China’s GDP comes from manufacturing…

And almost all of those products are sold overseas.

The United States alone buys around 20% of their exports each year.


Now, imagine what would happen if we suddenly stopped buying from China…

If we reopened all the shuttered factories in our own country...

Not only would we get to keep around $500 billion…

We’d reinvest all that money in the American economy instead of China’s…

It all adds up to a single, “economic,” kill-shot…

That could lead to an immediate 30% crash in the Chinese economy.

That’s why I call Project Xi an economic “weapon”…

Because it’s the trigger that could start China’s collapse.

By now, you might be thinking…

But so what?

Companies care about profits. And if labor is cheaper in China than it is in America…

Our factories won’t be coming home any time soon, right?

First of all, the idea that China’s labor is cheap is a myth…

Chinese wages have been rising by 15% every year — for the past two decades.

And between 2009-2011, they went up almost 50%…

Today, they’re about 4-times higher than what they were back in 2001.

That’s why Harley Seyedin, president of the American Chamber of Commerce in South China, agrees: "The era of cheap labor in China is over."

On top of that, there’s also the cost of inventory, delivery, duty and transport — which has also been on the rise for a while.

And don’t forget the time it takes for shipments to arrive in America…

Before the pandemic, it took up to 6 weeks for Chinese cargo to reach our soil.

Now… who knows…?

When you look at the whole picture, the cost gap between China and the US is a measly 4% — at most.

Which means, the upside of keeping our production overseas is virtually zero.

And the downside? It’s outright dangerous.

In fact, American companies have been desperate to get out of China for years…

But they really didn’t have a choice.

Ralph Gomory, who used to head the Sloan Foundation once said:

“As a director, I’m incentivized to do exactly the wrong thing for the USA... and I’m going to vote to put everything in China, because I have no choice.”

A former high-level executive at Apple tells a similar story:

“Factories in Asia can scale up and down faster... and [their] supply chains have surpassed what’s in the U.S. The result is that we can’t compete at this point...”

That’s why Project Xi was created.

I’ve described it as a kind of “economic weapon.”

But for American companies, it is really more of a rescue mission…

Because thanks to this ground-breaking technology… started in the Oak Ridge National Lab…

Our factories will soon become competitive again, much faster and cheaper than ever before. Right here, on our soil.

Look, the more I dig into Project Xi…

The more excited I get. Both as an American... and as an investor.

There’s a huge opportunity to make money here. Even bigger than I first thought…

You see, my specialty is finding lucrative tech investments that are just about to go mainstream. Not in the next 5, 10, or 15 years. But in the near future…

And this innovation is one of those incredible finds. The timing couldn’t be better…

Mark my words: In the coming months …

Virtually every business in America will be in a rush to transition to this new technology. Because without it companies just won’t be competitive anymore.

It will transform businesses globally…

In the same way the steam engine ushered in the First Industrial Revolution…

And electrical power made the Second Industrial Revolution possible…

Or, more recently, computers and digitization lead to the Third Industrial Revolution.

And if you know where to invest, this new technology could make you a fortune...

We’re At The Cusp Of 
The Next Industrial Revolution

This is not just about our supply chain…

This innovation will be at the heart of every new scientific advancements:

From the creation of new materials… self-driving cars and connected homes…

To space exploration... and finding cures for diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s.


So what technology is so powerful it would eliminate China’s dominance of our supply chain…

And, at the same time, change every aspect of our lives?

As you might have already guessed…

I’m talking about robotics.

Now, the term robotics has been around for a while…

But the “robots” you find in factories today are mostly machines designed for heavy lifting and tedious work on assembly lines.

That’s not what this is about...

What I’m talking about here is a completely new category...

These are machines that can learn by themselves, from demonstration. Just like we humans do...

Machines that can spot defective parts faster, with 100% accuracy. And reduce factory downtime dramatically.

I’m talking about machines that work alongside humans. And execute tasks which are too dangerous or difficult for a human worker to do...

And contrary to popular belief, these smart machines will actually create millions of new jobs for Americans...

In fact, according to a recent report by the World Economic Forum...

Robotization and smart automation could create 58 million new jobs in the next few years.

And companies like General Motors and Ford are testing these robots as we speak.

At one of Ford’s factories, for example, robots help workers to fit shock absorbers into cars.

And General Motors uses robots to assists human operators with calibrating radars for cruise control.

Amazon recently introduced smart robots in 50 of its warehouses across America. The productivity immediately jumped by 40%.


Walmart is testing robots in their stores too...

They clean floors, stock shelves, and advise customers. They even monitor produce, removing it when it becomes overripe...

But it’s our American factories that will benefit the most…

Thanks to these new smart robots, factories can quickly adapt their entire line of production on a whim…

Based solely on the changes in supply and demand. Which is critical in the case of a pandemic, as we now know…

Of course, what I mean by robotics is a combination of a number of state-of-the-art technologies:

Machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and vision recognition.

And with the new rules of social distancing...

More and more businesses are switching to robotics and automation every day.

As a consequence, robotics and AI-related stocks are popping.

Twilio, a cloud-based AI-solutions provider, saw its shares rise 931% just in the last two years…


Machine learning provider Fortinet almost doubled in less than a year...


iRobot, the leader in home robotics, jumped 272%...


And Stereotaxis, another robotics firm, gained almost 600% in the span of a few months...


But that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

Because what’s in that Oak Ridge Lab will advance the technology far beyond what we’ve seen so far.

And that’s because of a small piece of brand-new hardware.

The company that makes it is not a household name.

But they are crucial to the operations of some of the biggest tech companies in America.

In fact, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have already upgraded their cloud platforms. They now all run on this ground-breaking hardware…

Mercedes-Benz announced that every single car in their new line will have this hardware at their core.

And the US Department of Energy is using it in their COVID-19 research.

What this small company has created is essentially a tiny supercomputer.

And the speed at which this supercomputer can operate is staggering.

No other device, military equipment, or anything else you’ve seen so far is that fast.

It’s about 60% faster than the Chinese version which was the top performer for the past five years.


And it’s a million times faster than your computer at home.


In fact, according to the latest results, this device can execute 200,000 trillion calculations per second.

To put this number into perspective: A task that would take your PC 30 years to complete, takes this machine only 1 minute!

Now, here’s a little “secret” I didn’t mention before…

The company that makes this cutting-edge hardware has been on my watch-list for a while.

Chances are, everyday investors have never heard of it before…

But thanks to my career-long involvement with high-tech processors, semiconductors, and microchips…

I knew this company’s potential the moment I learned about it.

In fact, back in 2016, I told a small, elite group this company would be the #1 tech stock of that year.

I was right. Its shares gained over 1,048% in the months that followed. It was the top performer across the board.

Right now, I believe this company is set for another steep ride, thanks to the hardware powering this new Manhattan Project.

But investors who sit on the sidelines could lose out...

Remember, when Amazon’s stock first jumped 1,000%, many people didn’t think it could get much higher...

But the stock kept climbing...

In total, Amazon is up 155,100% since then!


That’s why I believe this small company has so much more room to grow.

Investors who get in early could reap life-changing gains.

I’ve spent months researching their latest cutting-edge technology. And I’ve packed all this valuable information into a detailed report. 

I’ll show you how to get a copy for yourself at the end of this video.

It’s called Project Xi: Two Explosive Stocks Behind the $15 Trillion Tech Revolution.

Inside this report, you’ll find in-depth information about this pioneering company, and why it’s quickly becoming one of the most important tech companies in the world — surpassing everyone, from Amazon and Apple… to Facebook, Google, and Microsoft.

I’ll also tell you its ticker symbol and how to invest for maximum gains…

But there’s another company I think will thrive as America brings back its factories.

You see, autonomous robots must be able to recognize… and then correctly process visual information around them. So they can safely perform critical tasks without human interaction.

In other words, these machines must be able to “think” and “learn” like humans…

And one company’s proprietary technology is what makes this possible.

This small company is the leader in this “machine vision” field.

Each year, they invest around 15% of their entire revenue into R&D...

And it’s already paying off:

Their technology is de-facto standard…

Apple is one of their biggest customers.

And early investors in this company are pocketing handsome returns.

Its stock jumped 324% in less than two years…


And it gained 58% just in the last few months.


But that’s just the start…

I believe this stock is ready for a much bigger hike in the coming months...

And it’s included in Project Xi: Two Explosive Stocks Behind the $15 Trillion Tech Revolution.

Like I said, it’s the combination of fast, powerful, and energy-efficient hardware…

And advanced machine vision technology that will help bring our supply chain back to America.

These two tech companies are at the center of it all. They’re the catalyst of the new manufacturing boom.

They possess the technology to crush China. And keep America #1.

You’ll find all of this information in Project Xi: Two Explosive Stocks Behind the $15 Trillion Tech Revolution.

I’ll tell you how to get a copy of this report at the end of this video…

But there’s another way to play this massive opportunity.

You see, advanced technologies like AI, machine learning, and vision recognition need super-fast networks to operate on…

But even the fastest network speeds in use today aren’t fast enough.

And this is where 5G comes into play…

5G: The Lifeblood 
of Our Next Technological Revolution

By now, you’re all familiar with 5G. You’ve seen the commercials.

It’s a breakthrough in the way we use the internet. 100 times faster than anything we’ve ever seen.

Except very few people have used 5G — yet.

5G or “Fifth Generation” internet technology has been promised for over a decade.

But it’s finally here.

This is the year of 5G.

By year’s end... Almost 100% of the United States will be 5G-capable.

Already there’s been a massive investment in 5G technology.

The President signed a bill that helped inject $275 billion towards 5G.

And private companies are making a push as well.

Last year, Verizon spent nearly $18 billion to complete their 5G network.

AT&T spent $700 million on 5G preparations… and that was just in Kentucky, where Louisville is one of their model cities.

U.S. operators are expected to spend $2.7 trillion on 5G infrastructure.

The early returns on the stock market have been a nice boost for anyone associated with this technology.

Global Energy Networks Corp. shot up as high as 11,567% in just five months thanks to the promise of 5G speeds.


Galaxy Next Generation Inc. went up 8,580% — in just one quarter — all because of the expected impact of 5G on its business.


Same with Ameristar Network, whose stock leaped 1,000% in recent months solely because of their involvement with 5G.


But this is just the beginning of the 5G story…

As 5G rolls out to all of America, the stock market gains could be even more lucrative.

Before a single American has been able to use it, 5G stocks are already making investors rich.

Take the case of Powerstorm Holdings. Just on the anticipation of 5G speeds helping their network solutions business, shares went up 2,890%.


Greenbox POS shares rose 7,311% before the company ever used 5G to improve its payment solutions business.


And Somerset Transition Corp’s whole business plan relies on the increased speeds of 5G. Shares went up 4,900% in just seven months.


But that’s just the beginning…

We’re on the verge of a sea change in technology…

And you have a chance to get in at the start.

Before this trend takes off… and the profits are off the table.

Our goal is to put the very best new ideas in tech in front of you.

We’re not looking for investments that might pay off in a couple of decades.

We want to profit right away, am I right?

So what is the best investment in 5G right now?

If you don’t mind, I’d like you to pick up your smartphone.

Statistics say it’s likely within arm’s reach for 9 out of 10 of you… in your pocket or your hand.

Now, I want you to take a look at it...

Remember how much it cost?

I’d venture to say $300, $500 — even $1,000 in some cases…

It’s likely the most advanced piece of technology you own.

Well, I’ve got some bad news about your smartphone.

It’s worthless.

That’s right, the device in your hand. The one you wouldn’t survive without. That cost you nearly $1,000…

Will be worthless by the end of this year.

There’s a specific reason why. You see, when 5G rolls out to the world, your smartphone won’t be capable of using that 5G.

Now, I know some of you may have seen 5G pop up on your phone instead of 4G or LTE.

But look closely. That 5G is called “5G Evolution.” It’s just a slightly better version of 4G.

It’s not the real 5G that’s coming. In fact, AT&T was sued over claims that they misrepresented 5G evolution as the real 5G.

Rest assured, the smartphone in your hand doesn’t have the capacity to access the powerful 5G network.

And it’s because it’s missing a key part.

But that part didn’t exist when your smartphone was made.

It’s only been perfected in the last few months.

This part adds the power and speed to connect to the 5G spectrum.

And that makes all the amazing things you can do with 5G possible.

By the end of the year, everyone will have this key piece.


This is what’s called an RF or Radio Frequency semiconductor.

If you could open a new 5G phone, you would see this part in there.

If you opened your current phone, it would be missing.

This key piece is why every American will need a new smartphone this year: Because it’s your gateway to 5G speed.

Estimates say nearly 266 million Americans will replace their smartphone this year or next.

And every single new 5G phone will have this part in it.

One company makes the part for four of the top five smartphone manufacturers in America.

Its piece will be in the bulk of those 266 million phones

What do you think that could do to share prices?

Obviously, I don’t have a crystal ball…

But I expect this brand-new technology will go from $0 to $100 billion.

The company’s three largest customers — Apple, Samsung, and Huawei — are the top three smartphone manufacturers in the world.

Those three companies command a combined 50% global market share.

On top of that, smaller niche companies like Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, and Motorola are all key customers of this company.

As the smartphone replacement cycle kicks in, and everyone buys a 5G-enabled phone…

This company will be one of the hottest tech stocks in the market.

In fact, I believe it will be the hottest.

How big of a difference will this company’s part make?

Take a look at this demonstration on the screen.

It shows the real-time speed of common internet activities in 5G, 4G, and 3G, which is still around some places.

The first demonstration is how long it will take to download a full movie to your phone.

At the top is 5G.


As you can see, it took about four seconds at 5G speeds.

4G is still working. And will take nearly two minutes.

And 3G… well, you can see how outdated these technologies are.

Here’s how long it will take 5G to download a full playlist from your favorite music app.


Split seconds for 5G…

33 times slower for 4G.

These are everyday examples, but you can see how the speed and low latency blows 4G speeds away.

And it’s the unprecedented smoothness of the signal that will make almost anything possible with 5G.

The 5G rollout in America is expected to happen this year.

But 5G will quickly follow in other parts of the world.

Japan expects to have 5G access in time for the 2021 Tokyo Olympic games. That’s another 107 million mobile customers who will need a new 5G phone.

South Korea has already set up residential access to 5G.

In Europe, another 743 million people are expected to have 5G access within the next two years.

Again, every one of these folks will have to replace their phone with a new 5G phone.

And every one of those phones will need this part.


Not to mention China, where over 1 billion people are expected to replace their phones with a new 5G device.

The company I’m recommending today will make the part for the bulk of those nearly 3 billion phones.

They make this part for the three largest smartphone manufacturers in the world, as well as most of the rest of the top 10.

As 5G smartphones spread across the world… revenue will grow rapidly. And so will share prices.

That’s why I’m so excited about this tech stock. And why I think it will be the best performing stock in the market this year.

I’ll explain everything in the second report: The 5G Device Every American Will Need.

And I’m going to send it to you together with my first report Project Xi: Two Explosive Stocks Behind the $15 Trillion Tech Revolution.

Both are chock full of important details you will need to profit in the coming months.

And when I say details, I don’t just mean a ticker symbol and some vague description…

I’ve used my decades of experience to pick apart everything about these companies.

I’ve pored through their balance sheets. In many cases, I’ve met with the executive staff. I’ve visited suppliers and done my own research…

Basically, I vet these companies the same rigorous way I would when I make an investment in a tech startup.

If you see a company on my recommended list, then you know they’ve passed my thorough process.

Like I said, executives and high-powered investors have offered me thousands of dollars for this information.

But I’m going to send it to you — risk free.

What’s the catch?

“If you can see three days into the future, 
you’ll become rich”

I know you’re interested in the tech market.

And you’re probably looking for the next hot tech stocks… something to help you grow your retirement fund — and make you look like a genius.

Well, I think I can help you.

Like I mentioned earlier, I spent years in Silicon Valley’s inner circle. And I’ve succeeded in 93% of my early-stage investments…

I’ve seen gains like 119% in less than two months on Dendreon.


I’ve made 44-times my money on APC in about a year.


And 679% in just under a month on XAU.


And I can help you do the same.

I’m not satisfied with waiting 10 years to profit.

I want to see gains as soon as possible.

And I think that’s something most tech investors miss.

They’re always trying to predict the future — when the here and now can be very lucrative.

The truth is, you don’t have to wait for the chance to profit on cutting-edge technology.

If you get in right before the breakthroughs hit the market, you can make a fortune.

How do you do that?

Well, quite frankly, it helps to know someone like me that operates inside Silicon Valley’s bubble.

Because I see and hear about breakthrough technologies the general public has never heard of.

And I know exactly when these new disruptive products are poised to reach the mass market.

In fact, there’s an ancient Japanese proverb that sums up my investment philosophy perfectly.

It goes like this: “If you can see three days into the future, you’ll become rich.”

In other words, you don’t have to know what’s going to happen miles down the road to get rich on tech stocks.

You only need to know what’s coming right around the corner.

That’s why I created an elite tech investing newsletter called The Near Future Report.

And I’m going to let you try it — at no risk.

Every month, I publish a new issue of The Near Future Report with a new way for you to profit from the exploding tech market.

From my position as an angel investor and advisor to Silicon Valley startups across multiple types of tech, I learn about rapid advances in technology long before the rest of the world.

And I can spot the signals of mass consumption on the horizon.

I’m not going to lecture you on technologies that are years away.

I’ll show you how to make money on tech stocks right now.

In The Near Future Report, I’ll take you behind the curtain and show you technologies on the verge of immediate adoption, like robotics and 5G.

You won’t hear about these technologies ahead of time on TV or from a regular stock picker.

And to be blunt — most of the technology advice out there is garbage.

My mission is to help everyday Americans find opportunities to make money from the explosive tech trends that are just around the corner...

Over the last few years, I’ve shared The Near Future Report with a small group of Americans.

Some know a lot about tech. And others are complete laymen.

The feedback has been phenomenal from all sides.


Today, I want to give you a chance to get in on this valuable information, too.

So I’m offering you a subscription to The Near Future Report.

I’ll give you 60 days to try it out — at no risk.

If you don’t like the information you’re getting, I’ll give you a full refund on your subscription. And I’ll let you keep all your special reports — for free.

These briefings are packed with high-level tech information you can use to profit on the stock market.

The first report, Project Xi: Two Explosive Stocks Behind the $15 Trillion Tech Revolutionreveals two tech stocks that are set to skyrocket as we bring our supply chain back home. I believe they both have the potential to 10x your money in the next 2 to 3 years.

In your second report, The 5G Device Every American Will Need, I’ll share the names of two 5G device makers that will be in almost every new 5G phone, worldwide.

And one of the two companies in this report is my number one tech stock for 2021.

Remember, three times in the last four years, I’ve called the number one tech stock in America — long before most people had even heard of it.

In 2016, I told an elite conference that a small, unknown tech company would be the number one stock on the S&P 500 that year. I was right; anyone who followed my lead could’ve turned $10,000 into $100,000 had they held on past my initial recommendation.

In 2018, I said another under-the-radar tech stock would become the best stock of the year. I was right again. The stock almost tripled.

I recommended that same company again last year. The stock more than doubled... and became the #1 stock for the second year in a row.

With just this one pick, you could have turned a small amount of $5,000 into $60,512 over a short period of time.

All of this valuable information is yours, free of charge, when you join The Near Future Report.

So how do you sign up for The Near Future Report and claim your free reports?

I’ll tell you in a moment…

But first, there’s one more thing I want to share with you today…

Thanks to advanced technologies like 5G, AI, and robotics…

We’re entering a new period in our history.

I call it the American Golden Age.

And even a global pandemic like the coronavirus can’t derail it.

While almost every other major economy in the world is weak, the American economy is coming back roaring.

And this is just the beginning...

Years from now, they’ll write about this era in the history books. They’ll talk about the great wealth and power amassed in America. How American technology and culture led the world.

And now is the best time to position yourself in a few selected tech stocks that will power this explosive growth...

They are the Amazons, Googles, and Microsofts of tomorrow...

Their technologies are getting faster and cheaper every day...

And enable everyone with a laptop and internet access to run a business from their kitchen table.

In post-pandemic America, expect more and more people to start companies that operate entirely “in the cloud.”

That’s why we’re going to witness an explosion of new entrepreneurialism which will kick off this new age of abundance.

All of these new businesses will rely entirely on cloud technologies to grow and be profitable.

Our economy will recover at an incredible speed…

And I believe the stock market will soon reach new all-time highs…

The Nasdaq, which houses the top tech stocks in the world, could triple… even quadruple from here.

And a group of American tech stocks are set to flourish even more.

I’ve identified 3 outstanding tech companies that are set to explode as we enter the American Golden Age…

Because each of these 3 companies are critical for small to midsize business operations...

So, I’m going to send you a third special report today, also for free.

It’s called 3 Tech Stocks Powering the American Business Boom.

Inside, I’ll lay out the three tech companies needed by almost every small to mid-sized business in America.

And I’ll give you all these special reports for free today…

Just for taking a risk-free subscription to The Near Future Report.

Here’s everything you’ll get with your subscription:

When you take a risk-free subscription to my investment newsletter, The Near Future Report, here’s what you get…


Project Xi: Two Explosive Stocks Behind the $15 Trillion Tech Revolution

This reveals the two tech stocks revolutionizing American manufacturing. These are the companies that will bring back our supply chain – and defeat China. Both of these companies could potentially 10x your money.


The 5G Device Every American Will Need

This includes Jeff’s number one tech stock for 2021. This is the year of 5G. By year’s end, almost 100% of the United States will be 5G-capable. Now it’s your last chance to position yourself for 5G gains.


3 Tech Stocks Powering the American Business Boom

In it, you’ll find three companies who will benefit the most from the small business growth in post-pandemic America.

These three exclusive briefings are the cornerstones of my tech investment strategy.

And it’s the best way I know to maximize your profits as quickly as possible.

In fact, they’re loaded with the same tech investing advice I’d give to my friends and family.

If you want the opportunity to make a killing in the next couple of years, you should follow the steps outlined in these three valuable reports.

But that’s not all…

Every month I’ll also send you a new issue of The Near Future Report with a new recommendation on how to make the most gains from the tech market.

And even if you don’t invest, there’s a lot of really good info about technology in The Near Future Report that will make you look like a genius in front of your friends.

On top of that, each month you’ll also get:

- Exclusive members-only email alerts with the buy and sell recommendations, stop losses, buy-up-to prices, and so on.

- All the back issues of The Near Future Report. Plus, my full archive of special reports on self-driving cars, blockchain, and much more.

- Full access to The Near Future Report model portfolio.

Like I mentioned, people pay me tens of thousands of dollars for my advice. But you won’t have to pay me nearly as much…

How little will The Near Future Report cost you?

Less Than a Cup of Coffee

Typically, my publisher charges $199 for The Near Future Report.

But today, because of the situation with our recovering economy, I’ll give you the chance to try my newsletter for much less…

For just $49, you can get 12 months of The Near Future Report.

That comes out to just over $4 a month.

That’s less than one cup of coffee per month.

With the way the tech market is going, you could make that back in a matter of hours.

But you have 60 days to try it out and see if The Near Future Report is right for you.

Take all the time you need, have a look around, and see what you think of it. Take a look at our recent issues and the model portfolio.

If, for any reason, you’re not satisfied with The Near Future Report, you can cancel the service within 60 days for a full refund of your subscription cost… and still keep all of your special reports as our thanks for giving us a try.

But after what you’ve heard today, I think you’ll be more than satisfied.

Tech stocks are the hottest in the world right now. And they’re only going to go higher in our post-pandemic economy.

Now of course, nothing in the market is guaranteed. So you should never invest more than you can stand to lose...

But just a small investment in the stocks I recommend in these three reports…

And you could make multiple thousands of dollars.

If you’re at all interested, why not give The Near Future Report a risk-free try?

After all, you have nothing to lose. But so much to gain.

So click the button below and you’ll see everything you get as a member…

Because there are a few surprises I haven’t mentioned in this presentation.


Jeff Brown
Editor, The Near Future Report
August 2020

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