zaterdag 28 januari 2023

The Criminal European Parliament


Mick Wallace
The #EU can write 2022 Report on Human Rights + Democracy in the world without mentioning the daily persecution + slaughter of #Palestinians by the Apartheid State of #Israel - And not a mention of Western supported Genocide in #Yemen - Why are we so selective in our criticism..?

The Coming War With China, Spported by the EU

A top US Air Force general told his troops they should prepare for 
war with China within 2 years The general then told soldiers to train shooting guns with “full understanding that unrepentant lethality matters most”, and “aim for the head”

Serving USA: This is what Europes Supports


So this is what European and American media and elites mean when they preach about human rights. The murder of Tyree Nichols once again exposes the true nature of hypocritical western regimes. They rape and plunder abroad and this is what they do at home.
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