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EU Foreign Policy Commissar Borell's Extremism

 Ben Norton en Stella Assange #FreeAssangeNOW volgen

"Europe is a garden. The rest of the world is a jungle. And the jungle could invade the garden." "Europeans have to be much more engaged with the rest of the world. Otherwise, the rest of the world will invade us." – Shocking comments from EU foreign policy head
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Theo Kley. RIP


Eén van de meest kleurrijke mensen die ik in Amsterdam leerde kennen, de kunstenaar Theo Kley, is overleden. May he rest in peace.

Flipping over the Chessboard of the Great Game


Flipping over the Chessboard of the Great Game [A Mel K Show Discussion]

In this episode of the Mel K Show, I was invited to break down global events into their essential causal relationships, and situations today's clash of two opposing paradigms within a broader historic continuity. We take the time to flesh out the republican traditions of England which established a republic in 1640, but saw this new order of republican government sabotaged from Venetian intelligence operations which its confused leaders could not understand. 

We connected this process to the early republican leaders in the colonies led by John Winthrop Jr which set the basis upon which the American revolution would occur over a century later. 

We also explored the structure of the Venetian roots of today’s still-existent British Empire, how this empire is structured, and how the final victory of World War 2 was more myth than reality.

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