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Stupid Zionist Propaganda

Israeli propaganda fail, take 100  The Israeli colonial forces are sharing a video where the so-called Hamas fighters are handing over their guns. After the civilians being stripped naked of course, but still with their guns in their hands! Meanwhile, an Israeli soldier is yelling at them in Arabic: “Khabibi, grab the gun I gave you, but don’t shoot it, we don’t want trouble and march slowly carrying it and put it on the other side on the ground”. The man forced to carry the gun is Moin Qeshta Al-Masry, owner of an aluminum workshop, who fled to Al-Khalifa school in Beit Lahya, from where he was kidnapped with the others.


Another Jewish Israeli Idiot

i promise you that you’ve never seen a more insane moment in an interview than this.


US Is Complicit in Brutal Genocide in Gaza


Is this real life? Fox News is reporting facts about #Gaza



Facts About The Gaza Raid on Oct. 7th, 2023


Zionist FAQs: Facts About The Gaza Raid on Oct. 7th, 2023


Remind us please: Who shall push who into the sea? Jaffa May 1948, Palestinians were being pushed into the sea by Zionist Jewish forces

Each of the below facts has been linked to its sources, be free to click the links for details:

  1. When Palestinian resistance entered Israel on Oct. 7th, 2023, they entered their stolen lands and looted homes; which were usurped by Zionist Jews during the war of Nakba. To this date, we have seen only a few land deeds for the Jewish citizens of Palestine, Jews were 10% of the citizens as of 1948 but 33% of the population since 2/3 of them were persecuted European Jewish refugees. On the other hand, Palestinians have tens of thousands of their land deeds that prove their land ownership, here is our growing list. In a nutshell, Israeli Jews are mostly nothing but a bunch of colonial squatters living on Palestinian lands.
  2. Israeli men and women MUST serve in the Israeli Occupation Army for three years, and 50 days per year in reserve. That is how Israel was able to convert 360,000 of its civilians into soldiers overnight; that is exactly how Israel has been implementing its apartheid system (Jim Crow Laws like system) for over seven decades. It was Bibi Netanyahu who emphasized such a fact to the Discovery Channel in the mid-1990s, he boastfully stated: "Israel is made up of a nation of soldiers with few civilians". On the other hand, there is no such thing in Palestinian society; there was never any military service whatsoever, and the armed resistance is made up of a few thousand who are mostly volunteers (most of whom are part-time). In a nutshell, the Western media has been abusing the word civilians and that is a complete farce in the case of the so-called "Jewish state". Just in case you think you are being gaslighted, here is a recent video of an Israeli civilian couple (in their 40s) called up for mandatory military service. Well, if the Israeli gaslight has a market, then based on the same logic the Qassam Brigade is made up of mostly civilians who are called up for service during wartime!
  3. UN map (updated Aug. 1950) showing Palestinians still own 94% of the lands
    Palestinians resist those who replaced and dispossessed them. It should be noted that it wasn't Palestinians who took turns persecuting Europe's Jews; it was Europeans. Zionism is a colonial Western ideology that was created as a response to the rise of European nationalism and antisemitism, and it is unfair to make Palestinians pay the price for what happened to Europe's Jews during WWII.
  4. When Israel kidnaps Palestinians by the tens of thousands (many of them are children); the "liberal" Western press often portrays them as prisoners. On the other hand, when Palestinians do the same thing; they are called kidnapping. Sadly, that has been the only way for Palestinians to release their kidnapped loved ones in Israeli jails. Please watch this clip from CNN to understand how kidnapping Palestinian kids is a normal practice by the so-called "most moral army" in the world. Please also note that 2/3 of kidnapped Palestinians don't even face a trial and are arrested based on what is called administrative detention (you can hear it at the NYTimes' Nov. 28th The Daily Podcast as well, or read it here)! Do you understand now where America got the idea behind Guantanamo Detention Camp? Stretch your imagination; birds of a feather flock together!
  5. Zionists of all shades concocted ridiculous big lies: Palestinian resistance beheaded Israeli babies, carried chemical weapons and copies of Mein Kampf with them, used hospitals as command and control centers, and rapped elderly Israeli women (lies amplified by NPR as late as Oct. 17th & the NYTimes on Nov. 16th); those are complete lies; full stop.

    Concerning the alleged "rape accusations", please watch Michael Walker's takedown of this lie, and EI's presentation. What has been tragically funny is that it was the US State Department who officially complained that it was Israelis who rapped a Palestinian boy! If you are interested in the details, please consult this X thread where even Israelis exposed their army's lies (here is al-Jazeera's version but in Arabic).

    Sadly, even President Biden, his White House's press Secretary (hear her at the NYTimes), and his Secretary of State Mr. Blinken all swallowed, regurgitated, and amplified Zionists' big lies as Bibi Netanyahu once did when he used deep fake videos and pictures to fool former President Trump. It is worth noting that pre-Oct. 7th, the mass majority of American Jews (and the so-called liberal American politicians) openly portrayed Bibi Netanyahu as a big liar who wasn't even welcomed in the White House; that's an open secret. Lo and behold, those liberal politicians and Western media outlets became major mega amplifiers of Bibi's lies after Oct. 7th! If you have the time, we urge you to watch Owen Jones breaking down the wall of Israeli lies.

    In this regard, we are forced to ask you to critically think:

    Right arrow free icon Do you believe President Biden is any smarter than his predecessors? Do you think he or Mr. Blinken will put America First and heed hundreds of U.S. government employees who openly and privately have advocated for a ceasefire in Gaza?
    Right arrow free icon Wasn't Mr. Biden who assured us that bombing Gaza Ahli hospitals wasn't done by Israel but by the Islamic Jihad? Wasn't Pres. Biden assured Americans that Hamas built its command and control centers underneath Shifa Hospital when all know this has been a normal Israeli practice. Mr. Biden continues to lie although it is well documented that Israel asked 22 Gaza hospitals to evacuate, and most importantly the same hospital came under Israeli artillery bombardment three times just before the massacre. For God's sake, since then almost every health facility in the Gaza Strip has been targeted, many of which were confirmed by the World Health Organization. Just imagine if and when Palestinians reciprocate targeting similar targets but in Israel, how do you think the liberal Western press shall portray them? If you are interested in the boring details, here is an Aljazeera article that refutes the American and Israeli web of lies.
    Right arrow free icon Wasn't massacring Palestinians the exact tool used to force them into leaving their homes and land during the War of Nakba? Don't take our word for it; watch Israelis confirming the massacre's details at Tantura seven decades ago.
    Right arrow free icon Did Zionist leaders ever admit any of the massacres they've perpetrated against Palestinians? See for yourself how Albert Einstein responded (a day after the Deir Yassin massacre) by predicting that those Zionists (many of whom became Israel's top generals & PMs) would bring a Nakba upon Jews!
    Newly arrived persecuted European Jewish refugees strolling in Jaffa, 1949
    Right arrow free icon When US media amplified the Biden administration's lies how that does resemble G.W. Bush's infamous staged press conference in selling us a war on Iraq in 2003? Start watching from 1:00 to 2:00, this video is considered a taboo that you will never find on YouTube or any US media outlet.
    Right arrow free icon Why is it being discounted that a large number of the "Israeli civilians" who were killed, died when Israeli soldiers were battling Palestinian fighters inside "Israel proper"? That fact is being widely debated in Israel as we speak. On the other hand, that is a taboo to discuss in the Western media! Here is also a more recent article from The Guardian about an Israel tank commander who was killed in Gaza; and this Ha'aretz about the mass killings of the partygoers (please note that much of the evidence is being destroyed)! Even one of the freed hostages told Bibi how his troops were targeting them on several occasions, and flooding the tunnels could end up killing more of them. If we discover later that the Hannibal Doctrine was implemented to the teeth would you be surprised?
    Right arrow free icon As we speak, Israeli leaders are ordering 1.1 million Palestinians in North Gaza to leave their homes, or else they will be targeted as if they are enemy combatants (as they did during Nakba to a lesser number although Nakba is still being denied). Still, now they do it in the open to a much larger number because Israeli leaders care about saving Palestinian lives as they did 76 years ago. Do you believe this gaslight? Maybe we are wrong, didn't Zionists sign the Haavara Agreement with Hitler for 9 years straight to "save" Jews' lives too? Look how that turned out to be; what a great success!
    Right arrow free icon Please watch how the big Zionist Wolf Blitzer was lost for words while interviewing the Israeli Army's spokesman about the flatting over thirty residential apartment buildings in the Jabalya refugee camp (which ended up murdering hundreds). All this was done to get a single Hamas commander whom he wasn't sure if he was killed even after targeting the same area twice (which murdered many during the rescue operation). Why it is being discounted that such massacres were purposely to induce Palestinians to flee their homes as it was done during Nakba? God forbid, the most ethical army wouldn't do such a thing, and those murdered civilians are collateral damage! God forbid, Israeli democracy wouldn't allow such a thing to happen! See for yourself how Israelis are concerned about Palestinian civilians in this latest poll! eichstag on Jan 30th, 1939, or Ben-Gurion's hate speech a month after the Kristallnacht pogrom in December 1938? You be the judge! Right arrow free icon How does spreading big lies in defense of Israel not foment "antisemitism"?
    Right arrow free icon Is that being done based on design? or based on ignorance?
    Right arrow free icon Can you honestly name one European antisemite whom Zionist Jews (from all shades of color) didn't work with hand over fist? Here's the shortlist: Russian Tsars and their antisemitic ministers, Symon Petliura, Arthur Balfour, Winston Churchill, Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, Reinhard Heydrich, Adolf Eichmann, South Africa's apartheid regime, Argentina's military junta, ..etc? For God's sake, even those in the far-right in the US (who are fighting against critical race theory, equity & diversity) are flocking to defend their fascist buddies, are you surprised?

    Let us hope Zionists wouldn't drag the US to fight their wars again & again.
  6. Often the "liberal" Western press repeats Zionists' racist tropes by portraying Israeli rampages & pogroms in Palestinian towns and refugee camps as "cutting the grace or mowing the lawn" (the last of which was at the NY Times--starting from 7:20, and at the Jewish "liberal" Ezra Klein show) and Israel has the right to defend its citizens. And when Palestinian civilians die in the tens of thousands and their homes and public facilities are destroyed; well that is collateral damage since the "grass" was tall, and the "terrorists" were using civilians as human shields. And when there is too much grace how do we get rid of it? One solution is left: chemicals of course (i.e. Zioclon B). Fine then, if the "liberal" West is comfortable paddling Israeli racist tropes freely on its media and inciting violence against the indigenous people, then they should expect Palestinians to use the same term: Palestinians went to cut the grace (i.e. the squatters) on the land they've owned for tens of generations and they've all the rights to defend themselves too. Palestinians are very sorry for the loss of civilian lives; well that is "collateral" damage; they lived close to Israeli military bases in military zones; and as you know the "grace" was thick and tall. Of course, assuming you believe Palestinians are humans and they do exist.
  7. Israeli soldiers enjoying torturing a Palestinian; compare the look on the victim's face with the one on the soldiers' faces! Did Nazis enjoy it like this during WWII!
    To put things into perspective, let us go back just a few years after Nakba, and read what Israel's most decorated general Moshe Dayan stated in an oration at the funeral of an Israeli farmer killed by a Palestinian Arab in April 1956 almost in the same location where the current raid took place:

    ". . . Let us not today fling accusation at the murderers. What cause have we to complain about their fierce hatred to us? For eight years now, they sit in their refugee camps in Gaza, and before their eyes we turn into our homestead the land and villages in which they and their forefathers have lived.

    We should demand his blood not from the [Palestinian] Arabs of Gaza but from ourselves. . . . Let us make our reckoning today. We are a generation of settlers, and without the steel helmet and gun barrel, we shall not be able to plant a tree or build a house. . . . Let us not be afraid to see the hatred that accompanies and consumes the lives of hundreds of thousands of [Palestinian] Arabs who sit all around us and wait for the moment when their hands will be able to reach our blood." (Iron Wall, p. 101 and at NYTimes by Roger Cohen)

    Isn't tragic how Palestinians received empathy from Zionist leaders far better than they've received in the so-called "liberal" press? As if propogating lies doesn't foment "antisemitism" which they claim to care about? Is that their goal?

Fake Valor: Why Did Zionist Jews Hoist Nazis Flag on Their Ships in the 1930s?

Right arrow free icon In a nutshell, it is unfair and immoral to ask the persecuted, the enslaved, the replaced, the colonized, and the dispossessed to be human, logical, civil, and fair. Those things should be demanded from the powerful. The way we see it this raid was a slave revolt. Therefore, if Israeli Jews wish not to be killed or kidnapped; then maybe should start treating Palestinians as humans; Palestinians surely will reciprocate. But until then, Palestinians have every right to resist those who dispossessed and replaced them. Palestinians will not wait for the West to permit them to resist those who oppressed them for decades. It was Western-born antisemitism (not Arabs' antisemitism) that created this apartheid state; we suggest implementing Haavara Agreement V3 (similar to the one signed between Hitler and Ben-Gurion) but in reverse to end this injustice once and for all. Zionist Jews gave it a "good" try of building a Spartan Fortress and it is buckling under its weight although the "liberal" West showered it with cash and weapons; the recent raid from Gaza proved how fragile Israel is. During peacetime, 40% of Israelis can't wait to leave (the rate with the Israeli young is 70%) and half of Israeli Jews have a 2nd passport!

Right arrow free icon Ask yourself: If Israelis couldn't secure 35 to 40 miles of borders with Gaza and now they seek external help just to survive; how the hell are they going to continue to occupy the West Bank where over 150 isolated exclusive Jewish colonies are eyeing them millions of Palestinians? This is a logistical and security nightmare for the best-organized army. To put it simply, Zionist Jews in mass decided to eat the cake and look at the same time; of course, the "liberal" West went along. On the other hand, Zionists' big lies eventually caught up with them, and a rude awakening (coming from mediocre groups) slapped them in the face and shocked them to the core. What if future raids would target the West Bank's exclusive Jewish colonies, or Israel's major healthcare hubs (i.e. Hadassah, Abu Kabir, or Rambam) as they currently do to Gaza's health facilities,  or God forbid Israel's Nuclear Weapons facilities? That is it; checkmate and the game is over! In a nutshell: what Israelis thought were their "swords" easily could be weaponized against them when asymmetrical warfare would be adopted!

General view of al-Maliha taken after Nakba, and in the foreground, Israelis are looting Palestinian properties

Right arrow free icon Here's the unvarnished truth: This latest raid exposed how fragile the whole Zionist enterprise is; it has so many single points of failure that could end it overnight, and we haven't spoken about how many Israeli Jews can't wait to leave even during peacetime; what about during wartime? For decades to come, Israel just lost its deterrence power, and who knows if it will recover it, but what is certain is that this Spartan militant and fascistic way of life can't persist forever. From the get-go, Zionist Jews A) opted to deny reality aided with massive doses of delusional big lies hoping that could isolate them from reality; and B) decided to live by the sword as a modern-day Sparta; therefore it is safe to assume they shall die with their swords too. Israelis' points of strength easily have become a liability, and it is just a matter of time until the fat lady sings which Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims have plenty of (see Ze'ev Jabotinsky's Iron Wall).

Right arrow free icon In retrospect, Theodor Herzl must be now rolling in his grave; that is not what he had in mind when he wrote the "Jewish state". In this regard, Zionist Jews should have heeded Herzl's advice when he died thinking Israel would be in Uganda when it was "empty"!

Zionism, what a terrible disease of the mind...using Rashid Taha's words...Barrah Barrah

Adolf Eichmann & company coined a special gold Mendelian in the honor of Nazis' Haavara relationship with Zionists!Adolf Eichmann & company coined a special Gold Medallion in the honor of Nazis' relationship with Zionists! Do you've any ideas why he visited Palestine in 1937?

Fake Valor: Why Did Zionist Jews Hoist Nazis Flag on Their Ships in the 1930s?

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