zaterdag 27 mei 2023

Everybody Ready For A Nuclear War in Europe?


A Prelude to Nuclear War in Europe?

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No one in Europe can say that tensions aren’t running high between the “Collective West,” and Russia, The US proxy war against Russia that has been raging in Ukraine in its “Hot Form,” since February 2022 and incubating for twenty years prior to that, has now reached a new height of outright lunacy.

The United States Administration, in its infinite wisdom, has decided that parking the World’s largest and reportedly most potently armed and equipped Nuclear Aircraft Carrier in Oslo, is the way forward. USS Gerald R. Ford

Naturally, Russia has nothing to say about this, and won’t see even the tiniest possibility that this action by the US is any form of escalation or heightened threat to its security. Everything will be just fine. Nothing to worry about, right? What could possibly go wrong?

Only yesterday, Josep Borrell, Tweeted out his protestations at Russia having moved Nuclear Weapons into Belarus in response to the continued threats from NATO and EU member states, mainly Poland, which appears to have a “Death Wish,” judging by its recent and sustained aggressive behaviour towards Russia and Belarus.

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Unsurprisingly, this somewhat hypocritical statement from Borrell was quickly taken up by Russian Ambassador Mikhail Ulyanov who responded thus:

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The actions of NATO and the EU during recent months have been nothing but escalatory and aggressive towards Russia. It’s impossible for anyone not to see this. Norway’s recent agreements with the US for the use of up to 4 US bases on its territory certainly raised eyebrows in Moscow, and the collective efforts of NATO and EU member states to arm Ukraine with everything from Bullets to F-16 Fighter Jets, has turned Europe into a complete Powder-Keg.

All of this is because the US Administration wants to see through its peculiar long-time fetish to effect a regime change in Russia, and to further divide Russia into smaller pieces in order to consume it, before moving on to China to do exactly the same thing there.

But have you noticed how it seems to be quite acceptable for the US to grind its way through the population of Ukraine, leaving some 500,000 dead and another 11,000,000 displaced and scattered throughout Europe? 

In all of America’s murderous enterprises, the fighting and the death tolls always seem to occur in other people’s backyards, while the fat, dumb and happy American population gets on with life in La-La Land as if nothing was ever happening.

What has started off as an extremely manageable and quickly resolvable Civil Unrest between Russia and Ukraine, has been engineered into close to World War 3 by constant and concerted interference and manipulation by the US and its NATO and EU Allies. How convenient that the US sits 8000 miles away and its people don’t have to live with this blood-curdling chaos.

Irish MEP Mick Wallace summarises nicely in one of his many hard-hitting statements as he speaks out against the current of criminal lunacy:

The word, “PEACE,” appears not to be on the agenda for us Europeans. Our job is to sit here and watch as hundreds of thousands of citizens from our neighbouring countries slaughter each other with weapons we are supplying them.

But it’s good business for the US. Its industries get to sell all the Military Hardware and make untold $Billions. If you wondered why the US packed up and bolted from Afghanistan, well now you know. Europastan and Ukraineistan were beckoning, and here we all are.

Watch the video. You’ll soon get the picture if you don’t already have it.

The West Keeps Supporting NATO's Proxy War


Ukrainian troops start training on operating Abrams tanks in Germany

In recent months, the West has been boosting military support for Kiev through the provisions of more advanced and lethal weapons systems.

The New York Times reported on Saturday, citing a defense source, that about 400 Ukrainian troops in Germany began training on how to maneuver US-made M1 Abrams tanks.

On Friday, about 200 Ukrainian troops began instruction for combined arms at training locations in Grafenwoehr and Hohenfels.

Another 200 reportedly began instruction on tank refueling and maintenance, a defense source told the newspapers. 

In recent months, Western countries have been boosting military support for Kiev through the provisions of more advanced and lethal weapons systems. 

For instance, the UK supplied Kiev with depleted uranium ammo, weapons known to result in increased cancer rates and birth defects in targeted areas. 

Last week, the White House greenlighted the decision for itself and its Western partners to supply Kiev with US-made F16 jets, but that decision has been met with some reluctance in part of Germany and Portugal.

The two countries said they would not supply the aircraft to Kiev, but they would assist Ukrainian troops through other means.

Earlier in the day, Ukraine requested that Germany provide it with Taurus air-to-surface missiles, the German Defense Ministry reported.

U.S. Neocon Extremist Victoria Nuland


Monstrous #Nuland, spoke at a security conference organized by Yatsenuk, her #Nazi guy in #Ukraine. She said that "#Putin will make no more gains on the battlefield" and the West will support the #Kiev regime in the long-term. Maybe 20 years, like in #Afghanistan?

Jeffrey Sachs on why US bullshit politicians are pushing for a nuclear war

Jeffrey Sachs on why US bullshit politicians are pushing for a nuclear war with Russia. This as a result of 3 decades of aggressive NATO expansion to the East. "There are so many stupid people in our government, believe me, people who don't think, who are extraordinarily lacking in basic common sense"

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