woensdag 24 mei 2023



The fall of the Bakhmut fortress was one of the largest defeats of the Ukrainian military since the beginning of the Russian military operation. Kiev is yet to admit the Russian control of the city, while Ukrainian soldiers continue to fight on its streets only in the media.

The loss of the battle which claimed lives of tens of thousands of Ukrainian servicemen deals a heavy blow to the Kiev regime. Another defeat also worries NATO countries which have already paid billions to the loosing Ukrainian military.

The Russian flag is waving over Bakhmut, and Zelensky’s brazen lie is increasingly undermining the trust of his audience.

Kiev will have to admit the truth, while its military, as always, will try to soften the blow, claiming that Bakhmut had no strategic importance.

However, in the face of the inevitable, it is necessary to prepare the audience and Kiev created another media victory, paying with lives of dozens of its servicemen.

On May 22, Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance groups attacked Russian border villages in the Belgorod region. The attackers mainly consisted fugitive Nazis from Russia, who became members of the notorious Russian Volunteer Corps. The grouping was mainly equipped with the American MaxxPro, Hummers, a tank and SUVs.

Following the intense artillery shelling on Russian villages, the saboteurs managed to break through the first line of defense and advanced up to 8 kilometers through the villages. The Russian military stopped the saboteurs on near the town of Grayvoron.

The fighting was complicated because there were still civilians in the villages, whom Ukrainian militants traditionally used as a human shield. At least 10 civilians were wounded on the first day of the clashes.

Ukrainian militants were pushes out the settlements of Grayvoron and Gora-Podol. Low-intensity fighting continued in the area of Kozinka and Glotovo, near the border.

At night, Ukrainian forces attacked the Belgorod region from the air. Several drones dropped explosive devices on an administrative building in Borisovka, on private houses in Grayvoron, and reportedly on the FSB building in Belgorod.

On May 23, the Russian Ministry of Defense declared that the remnants of the saboteurs were “thrown back from the Belgorod region to the territory of Ukraine.” During the operation, 70 saboteurs were killed, 4 IFVs and 5 pickups were destroyed.

The attack on the border villages had no military goals. It was nothing but an information and sabotage action. In March, the same Ukrainian saboteurs attacked the border of the Bryansk region, without achieving any success, except for headlines in the media.

The shooting in the border villages could not hide Kiev’s major defeat in Bakhmut.

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