donderdag 25 mei 2023

How can Rishi Sunak lie so much


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Rishi Sunak, just after the fall of Bakhmut, and following positive reports about Russian economy, unemployment & inflation rates, stands in the house of commons and says... “Russia’s military is failing on the battlefield" "Their economy is failing at home as we tighten the stranglehold of sanctions" "The image of the G7 leaders, standing shoulder to shoulder to president Zelensky in Hiroshima, sends a powerful message to the world, we will stand with Ukraine, for as long as it takes” The MP's of the house: "Yeaaaaa" #RuleOfClowns
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How can Rishi Sunak lie so much to the British public in the House of Commons.... or is he himself deluded? "Russia's military is failing on the battlefield", "Their Economy is failing at home" Both of these statements have been proven to be untrue by the German BND.… Meer weergeven
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