woensdag 22 juni 2022

WSJ: Russia conducted airstrikes against Syria US-led coalition base

WSJ: Russia conducted airstrikes against Syria US-led coalition base

Russia's airstrikes on the US occupation in Syria raise concerns of escalation.

  • Russian aircraft flying in a
    Russian aircraft flying in a "Z" formation outside of Moscow, Russia, May 9, 2022 (Getty)

US military officials are saying that Russian forces have conducted a series of operations against the US occupation in Syria this month.

On Wednesday, Russia carried out airstrikes against the al-Tanf garrison, a region that is occupied by the US, near the Syrian border with Jordan in southeast Syrian, and hosts training bases for US mercenaries in Syria,  according to The Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

Russia had notified the US that it would be conducting the airstrikes in response to attacks made against the Syrian army. The advanced notice of the operation, which took place through a communications line set up years ago, meant that no casualties took place.

Russian jet aircraft, including two Su-35s and one Su-24, were seen flying over al-Tanf shortly after, striking a combat outpost at the garrison, according to a US military officer cited by WSJ.

Army General Erik Kurilla, the head of the US Central Command, said in a statement that the US seeks to avoid miscalculation over actions that could lead to unnecessary conflict, and accused Russia of provocation and escalation.

Currently, an alleged total of about 900 troops from the US occupation forces are stationed in Syria. They are stationed there under the pretense of training the SDF (Kurdish forces) in order to battle ISIS, which was defeated in 2019.


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