donderdag 23 juni 2022

Ukraine: The cheerleaders have left the stadium.


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If Ukraine Is Winning, Why Is Their Story Being Buried In The News?

The cheerleaders have left the stadium.

The market is in a correction. The slow and steady decline in the equities markets since the beginning of the year means that they’re pricing in Ukraine’s loss of the war to Russia. Even Bitcoin is down 49% since January. And Joe Biden said a negotiated settlement is needed to end the war.

We know they’re losing because news of the war is slowly being buried by mass shootings, Monkeypox, inflation, and the January 6th committee.

Ukraine has been drifting down the home page of the NY Times for months. It’s not quite a footnote yet, but it’s getting there. If the good guys were winning, they’d use a much bigger font.

Today, the war is the cause of high gas prices and a source of demand for ammo as Ukraine asks for more. Later this year, we may find that the war is the cause of food shortages someone named Putin was planning on from the start.

I surveyed about 10 American newspapers this morning and none of them show Ukraine at the top of the home page. None of them had more than one or two mentions of Ukraine. A majority of them had zero mention of Ukraine on their home page. The story of the slow defeat of Ukraine is being buried by all of the other news.

This is not me showing a total and complete lack of empathy for the people suffering and dying in Ukraine. I know their suffering is great.

This is me noticing that at the moment, there isn’t a power big enough that is willing to tell Putin to stop doing what he’s doing. Where is that power? Do you see it? I don’t see it.

I recall that Zelensky said peace talks would start when the cease-fire starts. Back in March, they concluded talks in Turkey amid no cease-fire. I searched for peace talks and there has been nothing but murmurs from neighboring states for peace talks for months.

I see that Russia is digging into Donbas. They have Mariupol. Russia is marching slowly and steadily against Ukraine. They’re taking their time. From Al-Jazeera just 4 hours ago:

The Ukrainian military says the Russian advance has pushed its troops back from the centre of Severodonetsk, a key eastern city.

Amnesty International accuses Moscow’s troops of war crimes in northeastern Kharkiv by killing hundreds of civilians with indiscriminate shelling and cluster munitions.

An aide to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy appeals for Kyiv’s allies to provide it with additional “heavy weaponry”, saying parity with Russia is needed to “end the war”.

So Zelensky wants to escalate? That doesn’t sound like Ukraine is winning. That doesn’t sound like Ukraine is setting terms for peace. If Ukraine has a right to join NATO and/or the EU, there doesn’t appear to be anyone willing to enforce that right for Ukraine.

I want the war in Ukraine to end just as much as anyone. It was an unnecessary war. To us.

Putin had an objective and no matter how much we may disagree with his reasoning the war is in progress. No matter how many times we say he’s crazy, the war is still in progress. No matter how many times we wish that he would fail, the war Russia presses on. And still, I hear calls for escalation more than peace talks.

Someone will have to sue for peace in Ukraine. And it won’t be us.

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