vrijdag 17 maart 2023

U.S./NATO Preparing For War With China

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1/ The Australian government & media is deceiving the public about the true purpose of AUKUS. The military pact is sold to the public as necessary to defend against a "growing Chinese threat". In reality, it's meant to assist the U.S. in future offensive wars against China.


倪明达 (Ni Mingda) @NiMingda_GG 2/ Australia has participated in almost every single U.S. endless wars since the end of WW2. From the Korean War to the present day. None of those wars were for the defence of the Australian (or American) homeland. They were wars to preserve & advance U.S. world domination.
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2:41 a.m. · 16 mrt. 2023

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3/ The Australian gov cited China's military buildup as a reason for AUKUS. It's media tries to convince the public that China seeks to conquer Asia Pacific. In reality, the Chinese military is built to defend itself against U.S. predation & potential interference over Taiwan.

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