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Special Sponsored Message to Stella Readers

Urgent Message from Michael Reagan

Dear Fellow American:

Why did Sen. Dianne Feinstein hold the Blasey Ford allegations in her office file for two months . . . not telling anyone, including the FBI?
I think I know the REAL ANSWER.
Hear me out.
If you believe Feinstein, the future of the whole country depends on what Brett Kavanaugh did or not do as a 17-year-old high school student 36 years ago.
Although she received and sat on the allegation for months.
As you know, my dad was governor of California, and I have lived here with
my family almost my entire life.

I know Dianne Feinstein really well.
You know they say “follow the money.” In Feinstein’s case you need to follow the votes.

Feinstein desperately needs the votes. 

She is facing a very unusual election here in California. Under new state rules, her opponent is not a Republican but a Democrat.

And get this, he’s actually been endorsed by the Democratic Party!
Her opponent is also a far-leftie, Bernie Sanders type.
Guess what? All the polls show he’s been closing in on Feinstein this past summer – after she received the Ford letter!
In fact, Feinstein’s opponent has cut her lead in the polls by half, according to Politico.
If I know Dianne Feinstein, she is quaking in her Gucci boots that she may lose.
No surprise, then, that she has suddenly moved hard left in her politics.
Feinstein had long supported the death penalty for murderers.
That’s out the window.
On a dime, she changed her view and now OPPOSES the death penalty!
She obviously has ZERO principles.
I believe Feinstein leaked the Blasey Ford letter to The Washington Post.
She wanted to be a hero to the far left.
She wants to stop the Sanders insurgent nipping on her heels for her re-election.
So Feinstein threw Brett Kavanaugh under the bus – destroyed his reputation – all to save her Senate seat.
Disgusting, isn’t it?
I want to expose Feinstein and all the Democrats as the biggest hypocrites ever.
As chairman of The Conservative Trust of America, I am leading a national effort to DEFEND Brett Kavanaugh and get him CONFIRMED.
I am leading the effort to EXPOSE Democrats like Feinstein, Dick Durbin, Chuck Schumer, Richard Blumenthal, and the others.
I am leading the effort to KEEP REPUBLICANS on board with Brett.
Thanks to thousands of supporters like you, The Conservative Trust of America is already reaching millions of Americans to support Brett Kavanaugh.
We are focusing on KEY SENATORS – Republicans and Democrats who will be crucial for Kavanaugh’s confirmation, senators like Susan Collins, Heidi Heitkamp, Joe Donnelly, Joe Manchin, Lisa Murkowski, and Jeff Flake.
We are getting thousands of calls placed to these senators’ offices as I write this.
But remember, our fight all starts with you.
If you are OUTRAGED like me, I need you to join The Conservative Trust of America to stop this liberal lynching of Brett Kavanaugh.
We are VERY CLOSE to victory. The FBI investigation is coming to an end.
The Senate will soon see the FBI report. And then they will vote.
It will happen. It is just days away.
I need your support. Brett Kavanaugh needs your support.
President Trump needs Brett on the Supreme Court.
We can reach tens of millions of Americans through online and digital media, as well as TV and radio . . .
But we can only do this if you stand with me.
Please make a donation today. A small amount can make a BIG DIFFERENCE –

We both know time is of the essence.
Please ACT – Contribute Here Now
Thank you for your faith in me and our cause.
Yours for America,
Michael Reagan
The Conservative Trust of America

P.S. Yesterday, I wrote to you and millions of supporters about why I am taking a stand for Brett Kavanaugh. If you have not read my important letter, I am appending it below. Please act today – time is of the essence! Go Here Now 

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D)
California’s Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s estimated $94 million net worth makes her the second-wealthiest serving senator. Blum Capital, a private equity firm founded in 1975 by her husband. Richard Blum, is the source for most of that wealth. Feinstein’s financial disclosure statement for 2014 revealed that she had anywhere from $5 million to $25 million invested in a blind trust. She also had between $3.1 million to $7.3 million in various money market accounts.  

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