BEIRUT, LEBANON (6:40 P.M.) – According to the Military Review (the official journal of the US Army Combined Arms Center), Russia’s rolling back of Western regime change processes in Syria has not only granted the country a major strategic victory in Syria itself, but in fact around the world.
In a recent article, the US Army journal stated that Russia’s success in Syria has granted it an international victory, once again making the country a leader on the world stage after decades of isolation and pushing the United States (and the West in general) to recognize it as an equal.
The journal article shows pragmatic admiration towards Russia for its ability to quickly adapt to the declining situation in Syria at the time of its intervention and to since overcome great political and military obstacles with great efficiency despite limited resources.
Lastly, the article’s authors concede that Russia’s ‘lean’ military campaign in Syria has been enhanced by an equally ‘flexible’ diplomatic effort which has served to break the ‘monopoly’ of the US-orientated Geneva process (inherently opposed to any real compromise with the Assad government) by carving out an internationally recognized and renowned Moscow-led coalition and political process.
Thus, according to the article, even ‘if the campaign in Syria is not a victory for Russia, it is certainly a defeat for those who opposed the Russian-led coalition.’