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zondag 6 november 2016

Neil Young


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Hear Neil Young's New Anti-Pipeline Protest Song

Neil Young's latest single is a jangly, shuffling folk-rock song that takes on the Dakota Access Pipeline, a vast oil duct under construction near Native American land in North Dakota. The track, called "Indian Givers," supports the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, which is attempting to block the pipeline's construction, and targets the government and oil companies. "Behind big money," Young sings, "justice always fails."
A video for the song shows Young driving in his car and singing, intercut with footage of Native Americans protesting the pipeline. One of them is Dale "Happy" American Horse Jr., who chained himself to construction equipment and was later arrested on Aug. 31.
This isn't the first time Young has protested oil pipelines. In 2014, he released "Who's Gonna Stand Up?" a song against the Keystone XL pipeline between the U.S. and his native Canada.

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