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MSM Propaganda

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Een momentopname van hoe de gemiddelde Amerikaan zich moet voelen:


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I'm sure I'm far from the only one, but sometimes it feels like it. There are just so many things wrong with everything. Our economy is screwed, this housing bubble is insane, student debt is predatory and insane and financially crippling an entire generation, these never-ending aggressive wars to expand the empire on our tax dollars, these lies the media tell and are allowed to tell, the rigging of regulatory bodies by the corporations who are supposed to be being regulated and the abuse of that to reinforce monopolies, the buying out of congress, the judicial system, and the legal system. Everything is being rewritten by billionaires, for billionaires. Everyone sees it. I don't know how people can talk about anything else. Talking about Brad Pitt's breakup or whatever just seems so impossibly trite in comparison to the societal decay that surrounds us. There is moral decay, financial decay, socio-economic decay. The middle class is dying out. Jobs are hard to find. Everything keeps getting more expensive, but wages don't ever go up. Money keeps inflating. Everyone is forced to rent, and not building equity. There are twenty-two empty homes in the US for every homeless person. The market is not balancing itself because it is rigged as a one-way ratchet, and the middle class is bearing the brunt of ensuring that happens. 
Media is bullshit, modern movies are bullshit propaganda made by organizations who abuse the legal system for profit. Music is the same. News is a joke, everything is handed down from AP and Reuters, who are owned by the same people. There is no investigative journalism on MSM anymore, those people are fired. 
Why do I open my mailbox and 9/10ths of my mail is advertisements? Why do they get to send mail for free? Oh right because they rigged it for their benefit. 
Why are the people at the top getting away with everything and the people at the bottom are raked over the coals over nothing? Like a kid gets caught with a joint: 10 years in the slammer. Hillary repeatedly lies to congress and the FBI while under oath? Eh, they recommend no action at this time. 
It's all about connections and power. It's disgusting that we've let our society become so focused on this hierarchy of power, devoting our lives to working, to generate just enough money to lightly indulge in the consumerism our society constantly flaunts in our face as the highest virtue. 
Clip from Mr. Robot [1 minute]:
I wish people would stop playing these stupid games and get real. Wouldn't it be great if the MSM or the government actually reflected the values of the populace? Wouldn't it be great if society actually had a moral compass that we held in high esteem, rather than this dog-eat-dog profit-seeking nonsense. Constant manipulation from every angle, to get you to behave and think and spend in ways that empower the machinery of the status quo. 
If we want it to change, we must change ourselves. We must view culture not as an information system, but a trick being played on us. Mainstream culture does not organically arise from the views and preferences of the populace, as the MSM would love you to believe, but instead is carefully crafted and honed not only for what people like, but what narrative they wish to push. By selectively paying attention to and carefully ignoring other things, they craft a picture of the world that leads ones to draw certain conclusions. Conclusions you draw, by design, because of the bias inherent in the data being presented. You "figure it out" for yourself, and thus believe it more and see the ideology as your own. It's the main idea in the movie Inception. This trick, of tricking you in to thinking you came up with your ideology on your own, is a way they control you. You think you're making an unbiased judgement based on the data you have, when in fact the data is secretly selected to have an inherent bias that pushes an agenda.
We've all been doing this since the day we were born in to this mess. Some of us have learned these tricks. Other people have not, and fall for them hook, line, and sinker. Other people are caught in the middle, with the feeling something isn't right, but are too afraid or haven't seen enough information to make the conclusion that this system is there to abuse them, not to be their friend.
We must make our own culture. We must talk to each other about our opinions and ideas so that we can grow. We need to be driving the national conversation, not the MSM. We have completely put the cart before the horse by letting the MSM run the conversation over the last hundred years. The internet is our chance to wake up and empower each other, and they're trying their best to clamp down on that. But luckily we have places like this, where we can post the unvarnished ugly truth and not have an immediate censorship response by the "immune system" of these ideologies. 
Just let it go. The way to make it go away is to build something else, something new, that is better and simply makes the old way obsolete. The more we make our own micro-cultures, and have the discussions some people aren't willing to have, the more everyone grows and learns outside the pre-made mental barriers given to us by the MSM.

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Beste Stan,

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Groet, Johan V.

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dat doe ik wel vaker. als ik iets goed vind.

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