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  • I.F. Stone

woensdag 5 juli 2017

Musical Parody of Democrats

A musical parody of overly dramatic Democrats (video)

If you don’t pass this bill, if you don’t vote for this piece of legislation or if you don’t add this provision to your proposal then you want people to die. That is the logic of most Democrats and Republicans today, whether it is domestic or foreign policy.
Since the introduction of Trumpcare, the Democrats have said millions of Americans will die due to a lack of coverage. It is pure hyperbole because Trumpcare is pretty much the exact same legislation as Obamacare, except that it removes the individual mandate.
Democrats say Republicans are murderers, they are paying for bills with blood money and that they are wreaking havoc on the entire country. Yikes!
With the likes of Elizabeth Warren and Chuck Schumer making fools of themselves, a musical parody was released of these overly dramatic Democrats. It’s pretty funny.
Here is the video embedded below:
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