• All governments lie, but disaster lies in wait for countries whose officials smoke the same hashish they give out.

  • I.F. Stone

maandag 29 augustus 2016

John Pilger

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  1. John Pilger:The MOST EFFECTIVE PROPAGANDISTS of the "European ideal" have not been the far right, but an INSUFFERABLY PATRICIAN CLASS for whom metropolitan London is the United Kingdom. Its leading members see themselves as liberal, enlightened, cultivated tribunes of the 21st century zeitgeist, even "cool". WHAT THEY REALLY ARE IS A BOURGEOISIE WITH INSATIABLE CONSUMERIST TASTES AND ANCIENT INSTINCTS OF THEIR OWN SUPERIORITY. IN THEIR HOUSE PAPER, THE GUARDIAN, they have gloated, day after day, at those who would even consider the EU profoundly undemocratic, a source of social injustice and a virulent extremism known as "neoliberalism"."The aim of this extremism is to install a permanent, capitalist theocracy that ensures a two-thirds society, with the majority divided and indebted, managed by a corporate class, and a permanent working poor. In Britain today, 63 per cent of poor children grow up in families where one member is working. For them, the trap has closed. MORE THAN 600,000 RESIDENTS OF BRITAIN'S SECOND CITY, GREATER MANCHESTER, are, reports a study, "EXPERIENCING THE EFFECTS OF EXTREME POVERTY" and 1.6 million are slipping into penury.
    LITTLE OF THIS SOCIAL CATASTROPHE IS ACKNOWLEDGED IN THE BOURGEOIS CONTROLLED MEDIA, NOTABLY THE OXBRIDGE DOMINATED BBC. During the referendum campaign, ALMOST NO INSIGHTFUL ANALYSIS WAS ALLOWED TO intrude upon the clichéd hysteria about "leaving Europe", as if Britain was about to be towed in hostile currents somewhere north of Iceland."

    On the morning after the vote, a BBC radio reporter welcomed politicians to his studio as old chums. "Well," he said to "Lord" Peter Mandelson, the disgraced architect of Blairism, "why do these people want it so badly?" The "these people" are the majority of Britons.

    The wealthy war criminal Tony Blair remains a hero of the Mandelson "European" class, though few will say so these days. The Guardian once described Blair as "mystical" and has been true to his "project" of rapacious war. The day after the vote, the columnist Martin Kettle offered a Brechtian solution to the misuse of democracy by the masses. "Now surely we can agree referendums are bad for Britain", said the headline over his full-page piece. The "we" was unexplained but understood - just as "these people" is understood. "The referendum has conferred less legitimacy on politics, not more," wrote Kettle. " ... the verdict on referendums should be a ruthless one. Never again."