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zaterdag 25 juni 2016

U.S. Versus Europe

Analyse van een lezer:

Captain Corelli,
Whilst I agree with most of what you have written, the EU Referendum was much more than a fight for control of the Tory party..
I think you are much too close to the ground and cannot see the wider picture.
Do you not realise, that the USA neocon coup in The Ukraine, and resulting Economic Sanction on Russia, was not just an American attack on Russia – it was also an American attack on Europe.
The Americans so far as I am aware, had never attacked Europe in this way before. They already completely control the EU – and almost all Senior EU Politicians – but probably not Corbyn, but certainly both Cameron and Boris – who in reality are still on the same side…
So I would argue, that what The Ordinary British People did in rejecting the EU, was really not just a Defence of Tryanical US Control of The UK, but also a Defence of All The People in Europe.
Victoria Nuland said in Kiev at the height of The Coup – “Fuck The EU”
The British People just gave The Americans The Appropriate Response..but they are probably too stupid to understand it yet.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. deze opmerking: "but they are probably too stupid to understand it yet" ondergraaft
    de kracht van het betoog.

    Maar erger nog: "too stupid" over een heel volk/land uitspreken is niet de juiste
    weg. En statistisch is het nagenoeg onmogelijk.

    Bovendien, en dit is de kern: de inwoners van de UK , net als die van de US en van
    Nederland, zijn alle al in even grote mate slachtoffer van een neocon-elite die de
    afgelopen 10-15 jaar (in feite al langer) de macht heeft gegrepen.

  2. "too stupid" explained:
    Kort krachtig. Wie de hamer heeft geeft de klop.

    'Who's more fool the fool or the fool who follows the fool'
    'Obi-Wan's question was rhetorical. The implied answer was the fool who follows him, and Obi-Wan was suggesting that Han has no right calling him foolish given that Han is following Obi-Wan's foolish game plan.'