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woensdag 22 juni 2016

Geen Jorwert zonder Brussel

Legt u dit eens voor aan de EU-propagandist Geert Mak:

Mmh. 'They would more accurately be described as land subsidies, as they are paid by the hectare. The more land you own or lease, the more public money you are given, so the richest people in Europe clean up. And not just in Europe: Russian oligarchs, Saudi princes and Wall Street bankers have bought up tracts of European farmland, thus qualifying for the vast sums we shovel into their pockets. Why is no word raised against these benefit tourists?

This racket is the strongest of all arguments for leaving the EU, but the Brexiters’ silence resounds

This is arguably the most regressive distribution of public money in modern times. Taxpayers of all stations stock the wine cellars of dukes and hedge fund managers. As much as 80% of the funds are harvested by the richest 25% of recipients. The poorest farmers are excluded: you cannot claim subsidies unless you own or lease at least five hectares. A report by the European court of auditors reveals that the EU has no useful data on farm incomes, and therefore no knowledge of whether farm subsidies serve any social purpose.

This racket is perhaps the strongest of all arguments for leaving the European Union, but the Brexiters’ silence resounds. Among the 13 Conservative MPs who signed an open letter last week undertaking not to cut subsidies for owning or leasing land if Britain leaves the union was Iain Duncan Smith. His wife’s family’s estate, on which he lives, receives £150,000 a year of your money, handed to them by the EU.

Remember what Duncan Smith did to the poor while he was work and pensions secretary? He presided over a system that drove many to food banks. I struggle to imagine less deserving beneficiaries of public charity than Iain Duncan Smith and family.

Hold on – I’ve just thought of one. Paul Dacre, editor-in-chief of the Daily Mail – which rails ceaselessly against other misuses of EU funds, real or imagined – has extracted £460,000 in European subsidies since 2011. How? By owning a shooting estate in Scotland and a tract of land in Sussex. I doubt Dacre knows much more about farming than the average reader of his newspaper, but you don’t have to be a farmer to receive this money; the rules say only that you must have “eligible land at your disposal”.

The shocking waste of cash even leavers won’t condemn -
George Monbiot 21/06/2016

This dog that hasn’t barked exposes the real agenda of the leading Brexiters. They denounce the transfer of public money from rich to poor; they are intensely relaxed about the transfer of public money from poor to rich. It also challenges those who wish to remain.

I will vote in on Thursday, as I don’t want to surrender this country to the unmolested control of people prepared to rip up every variety of public spending and public protection except those that serve their own class. But if we are to live in Remainia, we should insist on sweeping change. Daylight robbery and mass destruction: the EU is supposed to prevent them, not deliver them.'

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  1. Amsterdam

    De gemeente Amsterdam heeft zich meerdere malen uitgesproken tegen wapenbeurzen binnen de gemeentegrenzen.

    Het daadwerkelijk verbannen van dergelijke bijeenkomsten blijkt evenwel kennelijk niet mogelijk. Gek genoeg is de gemeente wel voor 25% aandeelhouder in de eigenaar van de RAI.(!)

    Jemen under siege, let’s party on the beach??
    Wapens verhandelen en oorlog voorbereiden is natuurlijk vermoeiend werk. Daarom organiseert MAST een speciale 'Bonaire Beach Party’ op de avond van woensdag 22 juni. Wij vinden deze wapenbeurs geen reden voor feest.