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vrijdag 24 juni 2016

De 'Politiek-Literaire Elite' in de Polder

  1. Straks lekker voxpoppen bij Marks en Spencers in de Kalverstraat tussen de chips met rare smaken.
  2. Van die dagen dat je wenste dat je al even door de 'Geert Mak - In Europa' van deze eeuw kon bladeren
  3. En de Engelsen hebben ook van die aangekoekte badkuipen en nooit eens een lekkere douche

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Apart from supposed 'creativity' (art), the workings of global gentrification by the neo-liberal establishment leaves little choice but backbreaking unaffordable places to stay for many (deluded) people since wages don't rise but housing is priced to the max as if it had a natural cause... - The economic hardship project.

    Tower of Power - Taxed To The Max

    1. Deflatie?

      'Bonnie Faulkner: That was going to be my next question: What is your opinion of these negative interest rates? There’s a lot of talk of if you have a bank account you have to pay the bank rather than vice versa.

      Michael Hudson: The idea is, number one, that banks won’t have to pay interest on your account. They’ll actually pay you less and less, while they’re making 29% on many of their credit-card loans, and while they’re making a killing on student loans. They can pay you less while they make more, increasing their profit margins.

      So that’s part of the problem, but the underlying strategy of the Fed is to tell people, “Do you want your money to lose value in the bank, or do you want to put it in the stock market?” They’re trying to push money into the stock market, into hedge funds, to temporarily bid up prices. Then, all of a sudden, the Fed can raise interest rates, let the stock market prices collapse and the people will lose even more in the stock market than they would have by the negative interest rates in the bank. So it’s a pro-Wall Street financial engineering gimmick.'

      (Het was niet bij Faulkner opgekomen...really?)

      'Bonnie Faulkner: Do you think the United States is conducting a financial war against Europe?

      Michael Hudson: That’s a byproduct. The financial war is aimed first of all at China and secondly at Russia. Europe is the collateral damage in this, because the natural geopolitical arrangement is for Europe to be part of Eurasia, especially for Germany to develop trade and investment relationships with Russia. But US opposition to Russia and China has entailed sanctions against Russia, and Russia in turn has made counter-sanctions against Europe. So Europe is essentially sacrificing its opportunities for trade and investment in order to remain part of NATO. It is also agreeing to bomb Syria and the Near East, creating a wave of refugees that it doesn’t know what to do with.

      It’s amazing that Europe says, “What are we going to do with these refugees?” It’s as if it doesn’t realize that being part of NATO and bombing these countries forces them to choose to live by fleeing, or to stay and get bombed. Europe is creating the flight of refugees that’s tearing it apart politically, and leading rightwing nationalist parties to gain power to withdraw from the Eurozone.

      So Europe is acting in a very self-destructive manner, but is doing so because it’s trying to be loyal to the United States. Most of the European leaders look at themselves as having to follow the United States, because if the US opposes them, there will be a regime change.

      Bonnie Faulkner: It seems as if the United States is willing to sacrifice Germany and the rest of Europe to conduct this war against Russia and China.'...
      The Slow Crash: When Global Economies are Run by Banks

      Revisited: George Carlin - Political Correctness is fascism pretending to be Manners... waarbij 'manners' mij in de oren klinkt als de 'manier-tjes' van EU leiders in Brussel in dienst van de internationale banken elite. De grootste gemene verdelers...

  2. Arthur van Amerongen is toch die bij elke komma godverdomde reactionair uit Portugal?


  3. Die Witteman ken ik niet (heb geen krant en geen tullefisie, godzijdank!) maar dat
    vrouwtje klinkt als een droge nuf met overcompensatie.

    Die roept om elke komma natuurlijk doos! (het woord kut durft ze niet,
    en precies dat maakt haar tot nuf), dat roept ze dus om elke komma, precies als die
    Van Amerongen om elke komma Godverdomme! roept.

    Inhoudsloos dus. Narcisme. Beetje gênant. Maar dat is Nederland, hè.