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dinsdag 14 juni 2016

Miko Peled

Miko Peled (born 1961 in Jerusalem) is an Israeli peace activist, author, and karate instructor. He has written one book, The General’s Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine,[1] and he has travelled extensively, giving talks about his experiences to audiences across the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, Germany and Switzerland...


“Israel has been on a mission to destroy the Palestinian people for over six decades,” Peled has said. “Why would anyone not give solidarity to the Palestinian people?”[9] He believes that Israel's actions in the 1967 war were not a response to a real threat (despite Nasser's quotes[10]) but acts of bald aggression.[11] And he has said that “every single Israeli city is a settlement” and that “expressing solidarity with Palestinians is the most important thing people can do.”[11]

On his Twitter feed, Peled has written that “IDF lusts for blood,” has called the peace process “a process of apartheid & colonization,” and has accused Israeli officials of “ethnic cleansing.”[12] In his blog posts, he repeatedly refers to the IDF as an “Israeli terrorist organization” that is part of a “well-oiled ethnic cleansing machine.” He has also written that Israel's educational system is designed to turn Israeli children into racists who view Palestinians “as culturally inferior, violent and bent on the annihilation of the Jews, and...void of a true national identity,” and “as a problem that must be solved and as a threat that must be eliminated.” He has decried “absurd comparisons like that of Yasser Arafat to Hitler, the Palestinians to Nazis, and the Palestinian resistance to Al Qaeda.”[13]
Peled supports the movement for boycotts, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) against Israel. Giving a talk in Queensland, Australia, he supported a BDS campaign against the Israeli-owned Max Brenner chain of chocolate shops, part of the Strauss group of companies, which, he said, “supports a terrorist organisation, the Golani Brigade.” BDS, he argued, was a “totally legitimate” means of “trying to stop this Israeli armed juggernaut.”[9]
Peled wrote in a June 2012 op-ed for the Los Angeles Times that,
“Israel is faced with two options: Continue to exist as a Jewish state while controlling the Palestinians through military force and racist laws, or undertake a deep transformation into a real democracy where Israelis and Palestinians live as equals in a shared state, their shared homeland. For Israelis and Palestinians alike, the latter path promises a bright future.[14]

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  1. Bij een demo 'Free Palestine' in Amsterdam moet een oplettende filmer hier de onwaarschijnlijke gelijkenis met Anne Frank zijn opgevallen.
    Ik viel zowat van mijn stoel!

    Uiterst indrukwekkende lezing! Nu het boek 'The General's Son' van Miko Peled aan het lezen. Wat een moedige man en wat een getuigenis van ontroerende strijdbare betrokkenheid!