zondag 24 september 2017


September 24, 2017

Dear stan,
It’s U.N. week, which means it’s the season of unhinged speeches by certain world leaders at the annual global forum. Benjamin Netanyahugave another memorable speech rife with his typical brand of vapid war-mongering oratory wrapped in a veneer of self-righteousness. Needless to say the speech didn’t make the cut for Rachel Maddow's list of the all-time wackiest ones, nor have any of Netanyahu’s speeches over the years, which is kind of convenient.
As Democrats argue over whether to embrace BDS, the Israeli right is busy laying out its vision for the implementation of apartheid and even transfer; the Israeli Justice minister is arguing that Zionism isn't compatible with individual rights; and there is evidence the IDF is aiming to cripple young Palestinians in the Dheisheh refugee camp near Bethlehem.
Next time someone asks you, “Where is the Palestinian Gandhi?” you can say “he is right here.
Finally, we are in the midst of the Days of Awe. During this time of religious and spiritual renewal it would be irresponsible not to think about Judaism and Zionism and especially how the latter corrodes the humanistic universal values of the former and what this means for the destiny of the Jewish people as a whole.

Thanks for reading and for those observing the holidays have a meaningful week,

Scott Roth
Publisher, Mondoweiss

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