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woensdag 12 oktober 2016

Filmmaker Arrested in the Land of the Free

BREAKING: Filmmaker and HOW TO LET GO OF THE WORLD producer, Deia Schlosberg was arrested for filming a climate change protest in North Dakota today. She is being held overnight and her footage has been confiscated.
Today, activists shut down all the Tar Sands Pipelines across the United States that deliver oil from Alberta, Canada in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux. Deia was arrested for filming one of the protests in North Dakota where activists shut down TransCanda’s Keystone Pipeline.
A new report from Oil Change International found that if we want to stay below 1.5C of global warming, no new fossil fuel extraction or transportation infrastructure can be built. But our government isn’t listening to the science.
That’s why people all over the world are standing up and saying no more! No more pipelines! No more fracking!  No more putting fossil fuel profits over public health and the health of our planet! 
With lots of love,
The Let Go And Love Team 

Solutions Grassroots · United States 
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  1. Wie zei dit over de mega-uitzuiger Wal-Mart:

    “Those stores — you know, you don’t have to agree with everything Wal-Mart does, I don’t — but those stores served a real purpose, not only for employment and low cost goods, but they did become a way for people who wanted to see what else was available to them could go and look, products that never were readily available in a lot of those places before.”

    Het was de vleesgeworden neerbuigendheid.