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vrijdag 29 juli 2016


Top German Journalist: MSM News is Propaganda, We All Lie For The CIA!

Well, most of us have known this for some time, especially in light of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Operation Mockingbird [#1] (for more on that, click here [#2] and here [#3]), which was their operation to control the mainstream media. The main difficulty is trying to distinguish between what is true in the midst of the lies we are told. However, Dr. Udo Ulfkotte is the latest journalist to come out and declare that government is buying and even at times threatening journalists to write the stories they put out.
CIA mockingbird quotes
Arjun Walia has the story at Global Research [#4] (adapted below, but see lead article for full details).


Recently, Dr. Udo Ulfkotte went on public television stating that he was forced to publish the works of intelligence agents under his own name, also adding that non-compliance with these orders would result in him losing his job.  He recently made an appearance on RT news to share these facts:
I’ve been a journalist for about 25 years, and I was educated to lie, to betray, and not to tell the truth to the public.
But seeing right now within the last months how the German and American media tries to bring war to the people in Europe, to bring war to Russia — this is a point of no return and I’m going to stand up and say it is not right what I have done in the past, to manipulate people, to make propaganda against Russia, and it is not right what my colleagues do and have done in the past because they are bribed to betray the people, not only in Germany, all over Europe.
Dr Ulfkotte also appeared on RT to highlight how the entire European mainstream media (AKA eneMedia / Controlled Media / MSM / presstitutes) – conspired to promote an pro-Open Borders / MulticCulti / pro-American / pro-NATO agenda, regardless of facts or evidence to the contrary.
Video source: RT on YouTube [#5]


In December 2015, Freedom Outpost wrote about investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson’s video [#6] that exposed how the media corrupts and manipulates the public.
“What if all isn’t as it seems?” Attkisson asked. “What if the reality you found was false, a carefully constructive narrative by unseen special interests designed to manipulate your opinion, a Truman Show-esque alternate reality all around you?”
“Complacency in the new media, combined with incredibly powerful propaganda and publicity forces means we sometimes get little of the truth,” she said. “Special interests have unlimited time and money to figure out new ways to spin us while cloaking their role. Surreptitious astroturf methods are now more important to these interests than traditional lobbying of Congress.”
Here’s a short clip:
Video source: TEDx Talks on YouTube [#7]
According to Attkisson, some of the tale tell signs of the media engaging in these astroturf methods are:
  1. Use of inflammatory language (ie. Crank, quack, nutty, lies, paranoid, pseudo, and conspiracy)
  2. Claims to debunk myths that aren’t myths at all
  3. Controversializing an issue by attacking the people, personalities and organizations surrounding it rather than addressing the facts
  4. Reserving public skepticism for those exposing wrongdoing rather than the wrongdoers (instead of questioning authority, they question those who question authority)
CIA mockingbird
Still, long before Attkisson spilled the beans on what the media does and how it does it, Emmy award winning journalist Amber Lyon came out and openly said that the DC government and foreign governments paid CNN to report what they wanted, and at times even distort the reports on particular events. That is why she left.
Video source: RT on YouTube [#8] – 2012
The above infamous video was from 2012, here is Lyons on RT’s “Breaking the Set” programme with Abby Martin in 2014, discussing censored Western media:
Video source: RT on YouTube [#9]


So what does this mean for us Brits? well, you can rest assured that our media led by Big Brother Corporation is just as bad.  In fact, if anything, our media is even more controlled than in the USA, where they have Constitutionally-protected rights regarding Freedom of Speech.  In the UK, mirroring development in Europe (in particular, France, Sweden and Germany) – freedom of speech is being eroded by the phony narrative of ‘hate speech’ and protecting innocents against ‘far right wing backlash’.  In essence, we are entering a very surreal Twilight Zone period where there is a massive disconnect between what people are thinking and talking about behind closed doors – and what is reflected in the mainstream media and popular culture.
In true Orwellian fashion – we even have local police arresting people for making Tweets [#9], a man who tweeted stating he asked a Muslim woman on the street to ‘explain Brussels’.  Not very nice, nor was it fair on the woman asked.  But to instantly have police come to your door because they READ THE TWEET, not that anyone made an official complaint?  The pretext was ‘Suspicion of Inciting Hatred’.  Really, the new ‘hate’ legislation is simply a “1984”-style thoughtcrime agenda – which can be abused to bully people into politically correct obedience, and twisted to be interpreted to the advantage of the Establishment.  Did you ever believe you would see the day that UK Police Forces send out Big Brother Tweets warning people to ‘think’ before they use Social Media, and giving bizarre edicts which warn of home visits if disobeyed? well, this isn’t a surrealist comedy – Glasgow Police sent out the following [#10]:
glasgow police thoughtcrime.jpg
This is becoming more and more common, yet nobody is reporting on the fact it is a completely new trend.  The Isle of Bute was lumbered with 1000 Muslim migrants, with a population of only 5000 or so – so you can see that some locals would strongly reject to such a massive social engineering project. But one man who objected on Facebook (Fascistbook) got arrested [#12]. Meanwhile, it’s up to US bloggers like Mark Dice (recommend YouTube channel) to point out the hypocrisy of the UK taking a heavy handed approach with anyone who disagrees with the Mass-Uncontrolled-Unvetted-Immigration  project (AKA, cultural suicide / white genocide) – particularly as FOR MONTHS UK citizens tweet [#13] in support of ISIS, calling for murder and UK terrorism and glorifying the Brussels Bombings. Of course, Facebook and Twitter are part of the Globalist machine, both very supportive of the Open Borders agenda (I am going to write a separate article about this).
Watch out for the endless stories about Muslim grievance-mongering: a woman stopped in the street, shouted at on a train, headdress ripped off etc – but you will rarely read about antisemitic or even anti-black incidents.  There are far more anti-black racism incidents (and indeed anti-white – but that’s not really ‘a thing’ is it?!).  But the media seem to only report on anti-Muslim ‘events’… and close the comment sections so their readers cannot counter or complain about this forced narrative of Islamophobia. When you actually review the ‘event’ – it is utterly trivial and minor and completely unwarranted for a major national newspaper to cover.  So why do they do it? purely as a vehicle to push a political agenda to ‘shape and inform’ public opinion.
Tweet: Right-wing MSM serve Open Borders by labelling anti-immigration debate 'Nazi' http://ctt.ec/zQ5v9+ #ControlledOpposition @MoMeetsAisha,
So. It is pretty clear that the Government and Media are massively preoccupied with demonising and making an example of anyone who disagrees with current events and ‘The Narrative’ they wish to push.  This is taken to the extreme where a man is arrested instantly for a tweet where he claimed he asked a question in public, whereas they ignore for 4 months an actual ISIS supporter glorifying Jihad and calling for UK terror attacks.
orwell bbc propaganda


Back to the UK media.
Yes, they most certainly DO lie and manipulate the news – every day.  They have been caught out multiple times – but you would only know that if you spent time and effort to find this out on the internet.  Most people, who have busy working lives and families, only have a small sliver of time to spend on finding out what is going on in the world.  They rely utterly on the mainstream media.  To be told that they have been lied to, for decades, and have been living in a false paradigm of reality carefully sculpted by a Globalist Elite who does NOT have their best interests at heart – well – cognitive dissonance sets in, and the human reaction is to deny this reality because it is uncomfortable to discover.  But once that seed is planted, the doubts only grow, and you start to see things you otherwise missed.
You may ask how this is possible in this day and age of great technology, freedom, and transparency. The answer is precisely because there is less freedom, since the Governments and Global interests control academia, the media and popular culture. The main plank of this is complete control and complicity of the media. To take just one example near to home – our own BBC has been caught MULTIPLE times using ‘crisis actors’, and directly staging atrocities in complicity with our Government and foreign Governments, for the purpose of propaganda and to bring us into wars.
For example – our very own BBC spinning the lie that all Syrians are victims of Assad and want the ‘freedom fighters’ to win – when in reality the rebels are mainly foreigners, backed by Western governments – and the general population refuse to talk to the BBC because they know they are lying. This is why the Western media often only films in’rebel held’ areas – not the vast majority of Assad-controlled territory where the bulk of the citizens live.
Here we have Lyse Doucet of the BBC being confronted by several Syrian citizens who express their anger at the Western media’s biased portrayal of their country and the views of it’s citizens:
Video source: Glenn G on YouTube [#11]
The following is from the ‘description section’ of the above YouTube video:
The BBC reporter is Canadian Lyse Doucet. She is a major player in Chatham House which is a British NGO that is a propaganda tool of the British Establishment. Chatham House is also known as the “Tavistock Institute”, the UK branch of the CFR. She has been behind directing most of the ‘Arab spring’ coverage from Libya to Egypt. When she claims to know nothing about the lies told previously she is dishonest. She is not only a purveyor of the lies but she is an architect of the entire edifice of lies.
While we plug ourselves into the “Daily Distraction” every evening we hear the same recycled garbage that we heard in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. The CIA did it in Iran in 1951, when Roosevelt’s nephew working for the CIA went into Iran and paid off small groups of people to stage protests against their Government so that the UK and US could get their hands on their oil because it was being wasted on feeding the people. They used the same technique in Guatemala and the other Latino regions during the 50’s. Why should it be any different today? So, when hear these so-called reporters or journalists, they have little or no integrity at all.
Indeed there is a whole subsection on BBC Watch devoted to Lyse Doucet alone, who seems to be the Establishment plant / Mockingbird agent, whose job it is to spin the Middle East stories according to Establishment diktats.
Here is another expose of how the BBC was caught blatantly staging and hoaxing – complete with ‘crisis actors’ – the infamous ‘Ghouta Chemical Attack’ which was staged to drum up support for the UK to join the USA in bombing Assad. This fakery is one of the main reasons why it was voted down in Parliament – not that you will ever get the media to report this fact.
Video source: RT on YouTube [#14]
Media lies to pursue an establishment agenda occur literally every day.  The majority of people will never see it.  Sometimes, something might not quite ring true, and some alarm bell will sound somewhere inside… but then the kids lunch needs prepared, or the X Factor comes on, and it’s forgotten.  Life goes on.  Meanwhile, seeds of deception have borne fruit in your subconscious: you have been lied to, and your worldview and politics has been whittled and shaved by unseen forces, into their image, completely unbeknownst to you.


As an example, even the so-called ‘right wing press’ (which are worse than the Left wing press, at least their bias is clear) are pushing this IslamoFAUXbia narrative. Just the other day – the Daily Mail published this ridiculous story [#15]:
Horrific moment Muslim woman is mown down by grinning far-right activist who then stops to take a PICTURE during anti-Islam rally in the troubled Brussels district of Molenbeek
Well, thanks to social media and the Alternative Media – this story has been exposed [#16] as complete LIES to promote the fake narrative of: ‘Far Right backlash’, the ‘rising Neo-Nazi threat’ and increase in ‘Islamophobia’.  So what really happened? there was NO right wing march at all (!) – because the Leftist Mayor of Brussels banned it.  Instead 100s of self-hating Leftists and even more Muslims and immigrants, intent on causing mayhem, turned up, and were left unmolested by police.  Only seven anti-immigration protesters turned up – they were instantly arrested after arriving.
The two men who drove the car knocking over the women? Muslims.  They were caught and charged, it is a matter of public record.  Not that the Daily Mail will ever put a retraction to their blatant disinfo / propaganda. The damage is done – 100,000 readers of the Daily Mail will only ever remember the evil Nazis driving over a poor Muslim woman, grinning in delight,” Sieg Heil”-ing out the window…
Most people reading this ‘right wing paper’ will shudder at the thought of all these Far Right ‘extremists’ and ‘domestic terrorists’ (new lingo brought in for Muslims, but really to be twisted and applied to patriots).  The purpose is for the readership base of those right wing papers to be put off public protest or joining any groups which are trying to oppose this Open Borders / Multiculturalism agenda, by associating it with Hitler / Nazis / violence / hatred / bigotry.  See how it works? the ‘right wing’ papers are really about Establishment ‘controlled opposition’ to corral the right wing sentiment and keep it under control.


Our media is corrupted by Globalist interests, and controlled and directed by Establishment forces including the CIA, MI5/6 and others.  This much is clear.  We won’t change it any time soon – but what we can do is help expose it.
What can we do? Some ideas…
  1. Share articles like this on social media – use an alternative identity of you are still worried about ‘politically correct’ backlash from friends and family
  2. Support and share alternative media sources
  3. Tune out of the MSM bullshit – cancel Sky, refuse the BBC license fee
  4. Keep an open mind and question everything
  5. Use the medias own comment sections to expose them. The Guardian [#17] and The Telegraph [#18] were so busy moderating and deleting truth-tellers – they were forced to close down their comment sections completely (readership plummets = advertising suicide)
  6. Write emails and letters of complaint – to the media, and the watchdogs – ring in to radio talk shows and embarrass them LIVE
  7. Consider becoming politically active.  We live in an age of deceit and we are spiralling into tyranny.  It is no longer good enough to expect that others will pick up the fight on our behalf; we must do it ourselves.  From delivering leaflets, attending a march, writing letters, making angry phone calls – aim to do you bit.


In case the hyperlinks do not work in the text above, the full links are repeated here in ‘tiny URL’ form in case you want to share them with others, along with a ‘search term’ to copy and paste into Google (in case the link breaks at a later date). The article referred to should be the top search result.

  1. HUMANS ARE FREE: CIA AND THE MSM – http://bit.ly/1pZdPzR
  2. FREEDOM OUTPOST: PROPAGANDA 101 – http://bit.ly/1SM1F6Z
  5. RT: EUROPEAN MEDIA UNDER CIA PRESSURE – http://bit.ly/1Yaqxa6
  7. TEDX TALKS: SHARYL ATTKISSON ASTROTURF – http://bit.ly/1ountt8
  8. RT: AMBER LYONS REVEALS CNN LIES – http://bit.ly/23ajaTz
  9. BREITBART: MAN ARRESTED FOR TWEET – http://bit.ly/25G4A8t
  18. DAILY TELEGRAPH NO MORE COMMENTS – http://bit.ly/1Swpltq

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