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donderdag 5 mei 2016

Drop Out Hillary

Nederlandse mainstream-journalisten als de presentator Twan Huys en de éminence grise van de polderpers Henk Hofland mogen dan wel hun 'Hillary' de 'ideale kandidaat' vinden, daarentegen hebben ontwikkelde Amerikanen een ander beeld van haar.

“Drop out Hillary,” say left-wing Twitter users: Clinton “can’t buy this election” 

#DropOutHillary trended on Twitter, users refusing to elect millionaire hawk Clinton or billionaire demagogue Trump 

"Drop out Hillary," say left-wing Twitter users: Clinton "can't buy this election"Hillary Clinton  (Credit: AP/Jim Cole/Shutterstock/Salon)
It is looking more and more like the U.S. presidential election could be between Donald Trump, a far-right demagogic billionaire, and Hillary Clinton, an extremely hawkish Wall Street-backed multimillionaire.
Trump was left as the last Republican candidate standing this week, after Ted Cruz dropped out on Tuesday night and campaign officials confirmed on Wednesday that fellow candidate John Kasich would be suspending his campaign as well.
In a surprise upset, however, Bernie Sanders won the primary in Indiana on Tuesday by more than 5 percent, “throwing a wrench” in Clinton’s strategy, as Yahoo News put it.
Sanders supporters and other leftists are protesting the lack of substantively different candidates in the election, and refuse to be left with the choice of a lesser evil.
The hashtag #DropOutHillary was trending on Twitter on Wednesday afternoon, as left-wing users pushed back against the Democratic Party establishment.
trending on Twitter gives me life.

Americans will NEVER elect a straight up WAR PROFITEER. , your battleship is sunk.
Users stressed that numerous polls have shown Sanders would beat Trump with a higher margin than Clinton, who could potentially lose to Trump.
Others also emphasized that Clinton does not do nearly as well among independents as Sanders, who often wins when independents can vote in the primary.
If all primaries were open, would have a robust lead over Hillary.

Only reason she currently has the popular vote is bc most independents couldn't vote in the primaries

Polls perpetually show beating Trump at a far wider margin than Hillary.

Only reason she currently has the popular vote is bc most independents couldn't vote in the primaries

because she can't win without independents (43% of voters)

Only Bernie has enthusiastic support from the young voters and independents needed to beat Trump.
The Democratic race is actually closer than much of the punditry makes it out to be.
Clinton has 1,700 pledged delegates, or 55 percent of the total, while Sanders has 1,410, or 45 percent of the total.
It would be mathematically impossible for Sanders to win with just pledged delegates, nevertheless, so he would have to earn additional support from superdelegates, unelected party elites who can nominate any candidate they would like.
Other left-wing users called on Hillary to drop out simply in political and moral outrage at her corruption, inconsistency and historic right-wing stances.

because we need someone who's not afraid to PROGRESS for the people, and not for banks and corps!

When your unfavorability is 54%, you have to pay ppl to follow & defend you on social media, & you have to buy votes...
because i dont know what you stand for
It's pretty bad when your only response to your scandals is to either ignore the question or laugh it off. Can't Trust you.

because nobody wants a ground war and occupation in Syria or leftist purges in Venezuela except for you and your ilk.

1st time in US history a presidential candidate is under FBI investigation. Democrats can do better.

Donna Edwards loss & attacks by CBC & DNC is proof they care NOTHING abt BLACK women & are ONLY w/her when the HER is WHITE

It would be unthinkable 4 the Dem Party 2 rally behind a BLACK woman or BLACK man who was under FBI investigation

You can't buy this election.

Musician and actor John Lurie blasted Clinton’s corruption and reactionary political stances.

Seeing & show how divisive the corporate front running candidates are. Let's chose a different path.

Jill Stein, the presidential candidate for the Green Party, also chimed in.
“Seeing #DropOutHillary & #Republicans4Hillary show how divisive the corporate front running candidates are. Let’s chose a different path,” wrote Stein, who has asked Sanders to cooperate in a “revolution for people, planet and peace.”
Ben Norton is a politics staff writer at Salon. You can find him on Twitter at @BenjaminNorton.

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