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woensdag 27 april 2016

U.S. Retirement Crisis

Retirement Crisis: U.S. phasing out popular Social Security benefit amid looming insolvency

With the Social Security trust fund on the cusp of insolvency, the federal government is making some changes that would affect seniors today. One of these changes is phasing out a popular Social Security benefit that raises lifetime payments for American seniors.
It’s reported that the Obama administration is eliminating the “file and suspend rule,” which also gets rid of a loophole that helps seniors boost their retirement benefits by as much as $60,000. This means a considerable number of seniors will receive lower retirement incomes starting this week.
The file and suspend rule is used by married couples by “allowing one spouse at full retirement age (66) to file for benefits but immediately suspend collecting them.” This assists that person in giving their benefits a boost of about eight percent each year until they reach 70 years of age.
Despite its popularity, it is now becoming a necessary cut in order to help the Social Security trust fund to remain solvent. In fact, according to many experts, this could be the first of many cuts to the programover the next decade – unless Donald Trump becomes president as he says he doesn’t want any changes to the system.
According to estimates, 10,000 Baby Boomers are going to hit 65 every day for the next nine years. This means the costs to cover an array of Social Security benefits will skyrocket, especially since fewer younger workers are paying into Social Security. This is why so many people refer to Social Security as a Ponzi scheme because today’s workers pay for today’s retirees’ benefits.
Newsmax writes:
“If you’re 66 and getting Social Security, you can still apply under the file and suspend rule before April 29 by visiting an agency office or by calling (800) SSA-1213. You can also apply online at the Social Security Administration’s Website.
“Click on ‘Apply for retirement,’ fill out the application, type in the ‘Remarks’ tab, ‘Please suspend my benefits,’ complete the e-signature, and hit ‘Submit now.'”
More cuts to Social Security will transpire over the coming years. Eventually it will be bankrupt, particularly when interest rates skyrocket and the debt is too much to bear for the federal government.
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