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zaterdag 13 januari 2018

“Ukraine on Fire”

Sonja van den Ende shared a link.
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Sinds een paar dagen kunnen we eindelijk de documentaire “Ukraine on Fire” van de beroemde regisseur Oliver Stone (Platoon, Born on the Fourth of July, Wallstreet) bekijken, de film die eindelijk de waarheid laat zien over het “zieke-geniale”brein van veel “westerse” regeringsleiders en inlichtingendiensten!
Na zelf twee keer in Odessa (aan het eind van docu wordt uitgelegd wat er in Odessa gebeurde) geweest te zijn (2016-2017) en aan levende li...
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5 opmerkingen:

  1. Norman Finkelstein on the corrupt Amnesty International and other corrupt Human Rights Organisations in Israël https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjR89R_JjpA

    1. About Gaza " What the human rights organisations ended up doing was they incentivized Israël not to admit Human Rights Organisations in Gaza,because instead of getting convicted of a crime they got an agnostic version,we'll have to wait to see what an investigation shows......" etc.etc.

    2. The only real detterent of the Israëli brutal assault on Gaza was the Israëli organisation 'Breaking the Silence' who interviewed Israëli soldier who testimonies about the Israëli attack on Gaza were full of words as crazy,lunatic,insane etc....'Breaking the Silence' is the last line of defense by human rights organisations.Amnesty capitulated, HRW capitulated, all the NGO's capitulated ...the last barrier for Israël is 'Breaking the Silence'....remarkeble was that all the human rights organisations mostly ignored 'Breaking the Silence'..... "

    3. "If you read Breaking the Silence one testimony of another testimony after another testimonie by Israëli soldiers they keep saying our orders (in Gaza) were shoot to kill anything that moves and even if it doesn't move...over and over again...."

    4. "The worst of it is. Amnesty puts out a report called Families under the Rubble in which it pretends that each time Israël tergeted a home it's because there was a Hamas militant there. That was just such a fantastical,flagant despicable and disgusting lie.Were there Hamas militants in 18.000 homes?..There were no militants there!......it was disgusting,but I can't completely blame them,they were in a difficult position....Normally on controversial issues Amnesty used to back HRW and HRW used to back Amnesty. In this particular case HRW was missing in action and I know Amnesty was scared,it was in the firing line, but what it did was unacceptable "