maandag 8 januari 2018

Israeli Regime Allows Only Obedient Jews

Dear Stan,
I’m equal parts furious and sad: The Israeli Strategic Affairs Ministry put Jewish Voice for Peace on the list of organizations now officially banned from entering the state of Israel. 
So I’m writing to ask you to join JVP - right now
We need to prove that these repressive tactics are not only morally wrong, but that they actually have the opposite of their intended effect. They will grow the movement for justice in Palestine.
Many JVP members, including me, have family and friends in Israel/Palestine. And now, contrary to any democratic norm, there’s to be a political litmus test for entering the country. Yet as we at JVP are now feeling the pain of exclusion, we are very aware that Palestinians have always faced profiling and bans on entry to Israel. From the right of return for refugees to the simple ability to travel from one town to another, travel restrictions are a core feature of the Israeli apartheid state. 
The Israeli government sees the same thing you and I do: increasing numbers of Jews and all people worldwide supporting the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement, and supporting Palestinian human rights. And it terrifies them. 
This ban is a desperate attempt to hold onto a repressive status quo. But it will not work. Join JVP as a member today to tell Israel: Blacklists won’t intimidate us into silence.
I have to believe that the public naming of JVP on this list signals the fundamental weakness of the repressive, right-wing movement in Israel. They see the global BDS movement gaining momentum and they’re pulling out all the stops. 
JVP members will continue fighting for justice, equality, and freedom for all people in Israel/Palestine. We won’t back down.
There’s never been a better time to join JVP. Let’s show the Israeli government that this kind of repression doesn’t work, it only strengthens us. They try to silence us, but we’ll continue to grow and build. 
In solidarity,

Rebecca Vilkomerson
Executive Director
Jewish Voice for Peace is a national membership organization inspired by Jewish tradition to work for the justice, equality, and dignity of all the people of Israel/Palestine. Become a JVP Member today.
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Anoniem zei

Israeli right wing zionists are the planets greatest antisemites.
Sadly, probably 99% of dutch population dont even know what a "semite" actually is....but are quick to squeal "antisemitism" in our post truth pavlovian polder.

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