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  • I.F. Stone

vrijdag 9 juni 2017

Jeremy Corbyn

Every elite interest in the United Kingdom tried to knock down Jeremy Corbyn, but still he stands. He casts a longer shadow over his party’s centrists today than at any time since he was elected leader. And he defied the odds by sticking to his democratic socialist principles, not by moving to the right.
Of course, even with a weakened Conservative presence, there is a hard path ahead. Momentarily humbled, the Tories still rule. Their allies in business and the media will regroup. They will come up with new plans to attack working people and the public good.
But Corbyn’s party is better positioned than any recent Labour regime to be a credible opposition rooted in an unapologetic left vision — to offer hopes and dreams to people, not just fear and diminished expectations.
We've been covering developments inside and outside the Labour Party closely. And lots of people are reading. Yesterday, the majority of our web traffic came from Britain.
But we realize that the cost of international shipping can be prohibitive, so to celebrate Corbyn's victory, just today, we're offering free shipping on all new and gift Jacobin subscriptions.
(If you recently subscribed at the full-rate, please accept our thanks — we run a loss on all these subscribers, so it's just a limited, introductory offer.)

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