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woensdag 11 mei 2016

Chris Hedges and Miko Peled

‘Days of Revolt’: Chris Hedges, Israeli Peace Activist Miko Peled Discuss the Devolution of Israel 

Posted on May 10, 2016

Screen shot via "Days of Revolt"
On this week’s episode of “Days of Revolt,” Truthdig’s own Chris Hedges sits down with Miko Peled, a Israeli peace activist and author of “The General’s Son: The Journey of an Israeli in Palestine.” The two discuss current events in Israel and Palestine, looking back on decades of ethnic cleansing and apartheid.
Peled, who was born in Jerusalem, notes that while past generations of Israeli politicians presented a civil facade while committing atrocities, current figures like Benjamin Netanyahu and Naftali Bennett “don’t understand why they have to pretend, because they’re getting all the money and all the support they need from America and from the Europeans.”
Peled argues that the racist attitudes in Israel has not changed because the politicians have the same mindset, and he supports the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel.
“The establishment does not want any kind of relationship between Israelis and Palestinians,” Peled says, “because eventually people will realize that there is no threat. And that, to them, is a threat.”
Watch the full video below:

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  1. Prachtig interview van een moedig en hoopvol gestemd mens.

  2. Is dan eindelijk de revolutie komende...vanuit Frankrijk...?.......
    Zondag 15 mei a.s. wereldwijd protest Nuit Debout .
    Map met alle demonstraties in de wereld : https://framacarte.org/fr/map/global-debout_2420#3/18.40/30.06