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Lang Leve de Besnijdenis!

Ook deze is geestig,entevens onthullend voor wat betreft de denkwijze van fanatieke Joden in Israel:
Rabbi Cardozo: outlawing circumcision would ‘end the state of Israel’

More Non-existent Job Growth

More Non-existent Job Growth ReportedMarch 9, 2018| Categories: Articles & Columns| Tags: |Print This Article More Non-existent Job Growth Reported Paul Craig Roberts and Dave Kranzler According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the US economy added 313,000 jobs in the 28 days of February, causing a big jump in the Dow Jones average. Where does BLS find these jobs? The BLS finds 61,000 in construction, which, if correct, suggests in view of falling new and existing home sales, that those building at this stage are going to experience financial difficulties. Manufacturing conjured up 31,000, but in high tech areas such as computer and electronic products only 1,100 jobs were created. Communications equipment actually lost 100 jobs and electronic instruments lost 800 jobs. 50,300 jobs were created in retail trade, allegedly. This is inconsistent with store closings and what seem to be round-the-clock sales at online retailers. Is February the month people purchase cars, garden su…

Jordan to spearhead Saudi Arabian arms drive

Syria: Jordan to spearhead Saudi Arabian arms drive Fears over rising power of al-Qaida-linked groups drives move to channel weapons to moderate rebel fighters through Jordan  in Amman and  in Damascus Sun 14 Apr 2013 16.03 BSTFirst published on Sun 14 Apr 2013 16.03 BST

Stop militaire berechting Palestijnse kinderen

De 17-jarige Ahed al-Tamimi staat terecht voor een Israëlische militaire rechtbankTali Shapiro / Twitter Petitie aan de Nederlandse regering Houd Israël aan VN-Kinder­rechten­verdrag − Stop militaire berechting Palestijnse kinderen
Midden in de nacht op dinsdag 19 december 2017 drong het Israëlische leger het huis van het zestienjarige Palestijnse meisje Ahed al-Tamimi binnen, om haar te arresteren omdat zij een videoop Facebook had gezet. Op het filmpje is te zien hoe zij op het erf van haar ouderlijk huis ongewapend, met haar blote handen, een zwaar bewapende soldaat dreigt aan te vallen.

Nuclear Contradictions, Hypocrisy and Absurdities

MAR 09, 2018
TD ORIGINALS Nuclear Contradictions, Hypocrisy and AbsurditiesAn Allied correspondent stands in the rubble of Hiroshima, Japan, a month after the United States exploded the first atomic bomb ever used in warfare. The bomb was dropped on Aug. 6, 1945. (Stanley Troutman / AP) Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.
—J. Robert Oppenheimer, American nuclear scientist, after observing an early U.S. nuclear weapons test The year was 1983. I was still in the womb, as an earlier celebrity president, also obsessed with television, sat down to view a highly touted TV movie, “The Day After.” Ronald Reagan, like Donald Trump, was a star—a famous actor—and also a well-known Republican foreign policy hawk with an aggressive nuclear weapons posture. The movie was a dystopian portrayal of the aftermath of a Soviet nuclear attack in the small college town of Lawrence, Kan., where I now live. Reagan (like Trump) wasn’t keen on briefing books or detailed memos. He was a visual learner,…

20,000 Scientists Have Now Signed 'Warning to Humanity'

Saturday, March 10, 2018"If a man aspires towards a righteous life, his first act of
abstinence is from injury to animals."
— Albert Einstein20,000 Scientists Have Now Signed 'Warning to Humanity' MIT Races to Put Nuclear Fusion on the Grid to Fight Climate Change