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Fake News by Omission: the Haiti Example

The decision to blame Russian meddling

The Noble Reporter in His Splendor

God’s Knights of the Pen and Bottle: The Noble Reporter in His Splendor Posted on February 8, 2018by  Everything goes to hell. It warms a curmudgeon’s heart. I remember when, as God intended, reporters were bright and profane drunks with no respect for anything. This philosophical end-point was natural for men steeped daily in the lying, thieving, corruption, bribes, shysterism, misery, and unrelenting stupidity that are public life. Ashen-souled, cynical, with a wonderful acerbic sense of humor that would have dissolved a meat axe, they lacked illusions, about anything. If a reporter thought he saw glimmerings of human decency in a politician or a lawyer, he would have his eyes checked. News weasels were rough-edged, often talented, splendid company and, usually, ugly. Mencken, who looked like a fire plug with leprosy,  was the archetype, combing all of these wis;oyord in profusion, plus a monumental capacity for good whiskey. Mencken, dog-butt ugly, frequently soused, politic…

Steele Dossier full of ‘Russian dirt’ – or British?

Is the Steele Dossier full of ‘Russian dirt’ – or British? GCHQ, Britain’s version of the NSA, was spying on Trump and providing agencies in the US with sensitive intelbyFebruary 10, 2018, 05:051.3K Views2Comments FacebookTwitter