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Ian Buruma en 'het betrekkelijk goedaardige imperialisme uit Washington' 39

Sinds het besef doordrong dat de Amerikaanse hegemonie ‘haar einde nadert,’  is de westerse mainstream-pers druk doende met een hetze tegen de Russische Federatie en China. Zo beweerde Ian Buruma op ‘The World’s Opinion Page’ van ‘Project Syndicate’van 11 november 2014 het volgende:
Property, construction, and land are the common currencies of power in mafia societies — in China and Russia no less than in Sicily. One reason China has been transformed into a gigantic building site, with huge new cities emerging almost overnight, is that this drives a red-hot and highly corrupt economy, ruled by a Leninist party that has monetized political power by asset-stripping and construction.
It is irrelevant that President Vladimir Putin’s United Russia Party, unlike the CCP, makes no claim to any form of Marxist ideology. The way both governments operate is quite similar: party bosses, tycoons, and corrupt bureaucrats divide the spoils, while promoting chauvinism and ‘traditional values’ — whethe…