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Rare 9/11 Footage That Never Aired On TV

Rare 9/11 Footage That Never Aired On TV

In 2005, a documentary by 9/11 eyewitness Richard A. Siegel titled “9/11 Eyewitness” was made, and it was one of the first documentaries to come out that was critical of the official narrative about 9/11.
This footage (below) that has never really been promoted much in the mainstream media stands out as a moment to remember in 2005, which was surprisingly now 13 years ago.
However, unfortunately Richard A. Siegel may not be the person of the very best moral persuasion, as he reportedly also tried to sue a woman for creating a film that used his footage, possibly because it had greater success than his film. It was called “9/11 Mysteries.”

What are the true details that inspire so many documentaries about 9/11, from “9/11 Mysteries,” to “Loose Change,” to “9/11: Follow the Trillions?”
Let’s take it from a more recent, info-rich documentary, the last one mentioned in the sentence above.
That documentary chooses to focus on the trail of money that surrounded the tragic events of that day, and one detail that really stands out is the fact that a very unusual insurance policy was hammered out for the WTC complex, that would ensure a lot more money would be made than previously if the towers were destroyed.
Larry Silverstein and his group of people were the ones to secure a near 100 year lease on the remaining WTC buildings that he did not already own. In acquiring this ownership over the buildings from the New York government, he negotiated the details of this extremely unusual, suspicious insurance policy for years before it was settled.
So Larry Silverstein managed to cash out.
That’s not the worst of it though: if anything is evidence that the people in power knew 9/11 was going to happen, it must be the obvious and well documented pattern of insider trading that surrounds the event.
The very day after 9/11 on September 12, the Securities and Exchange Commission rapidly opened up an investigation into something rather chilling: that an unidentified team of traders with prior knowledge that the 9/11 attacks would occur had bet against the companies who were significantly damaged by the attacks, raking in millions.
One man named Antonio Mora professionally accused American Airlines of profiting from 9/11, saying“One example, United Airlines. The Thursday before the attack more than two thousand contracts betting that the stock would go down were purchased. Ninety times more in one day than in three weeks. When the markets reopened, United’s stock dropped, the price of the contracts soared, and someone may have made a lot of money, fast.
And there’s much more, including an extraordinarily high number of bets against Morgan Stanley and Marsh & McLennan, two of the World Trade Center’s biggest tenants. Could this be a coincidence?”
Dylan Ratigan, the other person in the interview replied “This would be one of the most extraordinary coincidences in the history of mankind if it was a coincidence.”
It wasn’t just betting against companies that occurred before 9/11: the notorious, geoengineering involved“defense” contractor Raytheon whose stocks keep rising every time something happens in Syria, experienced a sixfold increase on call options just the day before 9/11. That means a lot of people were buying up their stock.
These options allowed traders to purchase Raytheon stock at $25, must lower than usual, so the company appears to have enticed people to buy just before 9/11.
Within just a week of 9/11, as the United States military began to deploy Tomahawk missiles that ended up being used in the invasion of Afghanistan, supplied by Raytheon, the share price of the company rapidly spiked 37% all the way to $34.
According to the transcript of a documentary about 9/11:
“The SEC weren’t the only ones interested in this particular 9/11 money trail, either. Investigations into potential insider trading before the attacks were opened by authorities around the globe, from Belgium to France to Germany to Switzerland to Japan. It wasn’t long before this global financial manhunt started yielding clues on the trail of the terror traders.
On September 17th, Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Martino, addressing Italian Consob’s own investigation into potential 9/11 trading, said: “I think that there are terrorist states and organizations behind speculation on the international markets.””
Yeah, and that “terror state” may be something other than an Islamic State or Al Qaeda.

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