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Jill Abramson en de MSM

Maandag 25 november 2017 beweerde de Amerikaanse oud New York Times hoofdredacteur Jill Abramson in haar Guardian-column het volgende 
In What Happened (boek Hillary C.), Clinton notes that I wrote in a column for the Guardian that she was honest and trustworthy, the qualities on which she polled poorly among voters. There was no evidence of her having taken any action that was influenced by donors. She had the highest rating for being truthful in the 2016 campaign, according to the fact-checking organization Politifact. These were major reasons for my conclusion.
I wrote in that same column that Clinton had needlessly weakened her credibility through poor judgment, a serious flaw in a president. Some of her money-making ventures over the years, while not 'crooked' or illegal, were imprudent for someone who planned to run for president.
Kortom, volgens mevrouw Abramson was Hillary Clinton een 'waarheidlievende' politica, die 'onvoorzichtig' was geweest om van grote banken, zoals de al even betrouwbare Goldman Sachs en Amerikaanse partners als het betrouwbare regime van Saoedie Arabië grote sommen gelds had aangenomen. Nogmaals, Abramson bekleedde een vooraanstaande positie bij The New York Times, die door de westerse mainstream-media alom wordt gezien als een betrouwbare bron. Vijf maanden nadat zij dit alles had beweerd verscheen in de media het volgende bericht:

FBI Scandal: Deep State Corruption Of FBI, Justice Was There From Very Start Of Hillary Email Probe
Deep State: Were the Justice Department and FBI corrupted by their efforts to protect Hillary Clinton and her future chances at the presidency? Recent revelations suggest the answer is an unqualified yes, and now those who cooperated may soon feel the law's sting for doing so.
Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe may be the worst off. In addition to possible charges for lying under oath for denying that he leaked information to the Wall Street Journal (in large part due to answer swirling rumors in the journalistic community), it's alleged that he ordered FBI agents working on the Clinton Foundation investigation to stand down.
Now, evidence suggests he told the FBI's Washington field office to also "stand down" from its investigation of Clinton's private-email server. That investigation followed a New York Times piece that appeared in 2015, detailing Hillary Clinton's possible illegal use of an unsecured, home-brew email server for her official business as secretary of state. It appears to be a clear violation of the law.
Twee maanden eerder was het volgende bekend geworden:
Scandal, Corruption, Lawbreaking — And So What?
February 13, 2018 9:00 AM
What is the endgame to never-ending wrongdoing?
The FISA-gate, Clinton emails, and Uranium One scandals are sort of reaching a consensus. Many things quite wrong and illegal were done by both Hillary Clinton and her entourage and members of the Obama agencies and administration — both the acts themselves and the cover-ups and omissions that ensued.
Remember, in the FISA-gate scandal such likely widespread criminal behavior was predicated on two premises: 1) certainty of an easy Clinton victory, after which the miscreants would be not only excused but probably rewarded for their zeal; 2) progressive hubris in which our supposedly moral betters felt it their right, indeed their duty, to use unethical and even unlawful means for the “greater good” — to achieve their self-described moral ends of stopping the crude and reactionary Trump.
The wrongdoing probably includes attempting to warp a U.S. election, Russian collusion, repeatedly misleading and lying before the FISA courts, improperly surveilling American citizens, unmasking the names of citizens swept up in unlawful surveillance and then illegally leaking them to the press, disseminating and authenticating opposition smears during a political campaign, lying under oath to Congress, obstructing ongoing investigations, using federal funds to purchase ad hominem gossip against a presidential candidate, blatant conflicts of interests, weaponizing federal investigations, trafficking in and leaking classified information . . . The list goes on and on.
The State Department is now involved. Apparently anyone who was a former Clinton smear artist can pass fantasies to a sympathetic or known political appointee at State. And if the “dossier” fits the proper narrative and shared agenda, it gains credence enough to ensure that it is passed up to senior State officials and on to the FBI. Perhaps a private citizen with a grudge against a rival should try that as well.
These scandals will grow even greater before various congressional investigations expire.
Het is geenszins overdreven om te stellen dat de mainstream-pers als even corrupt wordt ervaren als de meerderheid van de westerse politici. Hou zou dit toch komen?

Clinton’s top 10 cumulative donors between between 1999 and 2016 were, in descending order, Citigroup ($782,327), Goldman Sachs ($711,490), DLA Piper ($628,030), JPMorgan Chase ($620,919), EMILY’s List ($605,174) Morgan Stanley ($543,065), Time Warner ($411,296), Skadden Arps ($406,640), Lehman Brothers ($362,853) and Cablevision Systems ($336,288).

Ook deze feiten zijn van de 'fact-checking organization Politieact,' maar dit verzweeg Jill Abramson. Wat betekent het begrip 'waarheidlievend' vandaag de dag nog?

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