vrijdag 1 juni 2018

Arkady Babchenko: How to Make the Western Mainstream Media Rediculous

Neil Clark
Killed on Tuesday. Attending a Press Conference on Wednesday. When it comes to Lazarus-style recoveries, the ‘anti-Kremlin’ journalist Arkady Babchenko, makes even the Skripals look like also-rans. The fake murder stunt pulled by the Ukrainian authorities, has also made quite a few ‘superior’ people back home look rather stupid.

When 'news' of Babchenko's 'assassination' came out, the west's political and media elite couldn't wait to point the finger of blame at the Russian government. The same people who screech 'conspiracy theorist' at those who claim the British government scientist David Kelly, who was found in a field in Oxfordshire with his left wrist slashed, was murdered, assured us that the FSB, acting on the orders of the Evil Putin, had struck again. Not only that, they ridiculed those who wouldn't share their surety.
'But, but Porton Down, the Russians don't do this. Western conspiracy blah, blah blah. Wake. Up. fgs just wake up' tweeted Giles Dilnot, formerly of the Daily Politics.
'Corbyn will want to see full evidence first' japed Paul 'The Original Centris'.

The have leaped straight from unquestioningly reporting was dead, to unquestioningly reporting the alleged " plot" to kill him. They don't learn do they?

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