maandag 14 mei 2018

Nog steeds geen reactie van mijn oude vriend Geert Mak. Daarom Enkele Twitter Reacties

  1. 'In order to help redress the terrible agony of the Palestinians, we must first effect a change in our own system of elite exploitation of the people at home. That change is coming.'

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    this one's got it all: "death toll rises" -- no one was killed and no one specific party did the killing, the death toll just mysteriously "rises" "clashes" -- launders all power asymmetry "2,400 people have been injured" -- all 2,400 are Palestinian but lets go with "people"

  3. Voor het geval je het gemist hebt
    1. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: '"But it shows I’m being neutral if both sides complain,” he said, insisting he accepts no funding and runs the observatory on a voluntary basis.' Peter Hitchens' revelation here:

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      Syrian Observatory has been treated as a gold standard for information on Syria. Quoted by BBC all the time. Always described as independent. Now we learn from Peter Hitchens it's funded by FCO.

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    Having been personally smeared by Idrees Ahmad in The Times, openDemocracy, and elsewhere online, I am content now to see karma doing its thing, with the able assistance of Max Blumenthal, in this interesting thread about Dr Ahmad's unedifying pattern of conduct with others too.

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    what an absolute disgrace

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    You can imprison 1000s of journalists, campaigners and opposition - but Turkey’s President Erdogan still gets a 3 day state visit to Uk starting yesterday.

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    Left: Right: (Photos taken at the same time this afternoon)

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    41 people now killed in and almost 2000 injured, over 900 with live ammunition. A shameless violation of international law, in some instances constituting war crimes. The Israeli authorities show no signs they intend to rein in excessive force. needed.

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    The nonviolent mass movement in , the absence of which Western media commentators have been hectoring and lecturing about for decades, has arrived. is, predictably, shooting it down. With hunting rifles.

  10. That entry appears three posts *after* this one from Amnesty: 'We are witnessing an abhorrent violation of Int law and human rights. 38 confirmed dead, including children/minors, with close to 2000 people injured in .' Are there any limits to the BBC's moral depravity?

  11. In-between reporting the ongoing massacre of 52 Palestinians and the wounding of 2,410 more (1,204 by live fire), the BBC live feed is featuring this kind of thing

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