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More Zionist Horror

May 22, 2018


Here are the latest stories from Mondoweiss:

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Israel detains Palestinian teen with severe head injury, again

By Jaclynn Ashly

On Sunday, Mohammad Tamimi, 15, was thrown into the back of an unmarked car by undercover Israeli agents dressed as Arabs in the occupied village of Nabi Saleh and detained until the end of the night. Mohammad is recovering from a life-threatening injury after being shot in the head by Israeli forces five months ago.

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Hundreds of New Yorkers take to the streets in support of Gaza

By Jesse Rubin

New Yorkers turned Times Square into a ground for dissent Friday afternoon, taking to the streets in support of Palestinians actively resisting Israeli occupation and dispossession.

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‘Likudism’ invades the academy: continued Zionist attacks on activism and scholarship at SFSU

By Mark Kleiman and Behnam Gharagozli

San Francisco State University Professor Rabab Abdulhadi is fighting off yet another attack by the Lawfare Project, the Zionist group that maliciously sued her last year. Her attorneys write: "Lawfare’s stunt has exposed the fundamental weakness in Zionist arguments that advocacy for Palestinian freedom is equal to discrimination against Jewish students. The lawsuit lays bare that Israel advocates prefer to silence and bully campus critics of Israel rather than confront the policy issues raised by Israel’s denial of freedom and equality to Palestinians."

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