dinsdag 29 mei 2018

MH17 Joint Investigation Team?

The interesting point here is that the author of this dispatch is a Dutch citizen, named Marcel van den Berg, who believes Russia shot down the MH17:

Is Malaysia a trusted member of the MH17 Joint Investigation Team?

At May 25, 2018  Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok made public the Netherlands and Australia hold Russian Federation liable for the downing of MH17.
Remarkable Malaysia was not part of the initiative. The fear Malaysia could leak intelligence to Russia seems to be the most likely reason. The current Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad does not have the best relation with Australia. Wikipedia states
Mahathir’s relationship with Australia (the closest country in the Anglosphere to Malaysia, and the one whose foreign policy is most concentrated on the region), and his relationship with Australia’s political leaders, has been particularly rocky. Relationships between Mahathir and Australia’s leaders reached a low point in 1993 when Paul Keating described Mahathir as “recalcitrant” for not attending the APEC summit.
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