woensdag 30 mei 2018

Marcel van den Berg's 'Logic'

Update May 29, 2018
As conspiracy believers in May 2018 sent out Tweets using this blogpost showing Bellingcat is wrong, some clarification needs to be done.
In a May 24, 2018 press conference JIT stated it has enough evidence which shows Russian army transported a BUK TELAR from its base in Kursk to Eastern Ukraine. This BUK TELAR was involved in the downing of MH17. So while at the time of the Bellingcat report Bellingcat jumped to conclusions about the presense of the BUK in Millerovo, two years later those conclusions turned out to be proven.
Van den Berg now believes in another conspiracy than he did. Now the Russians did it. Why? Because JIT stated this. And without a judge who decides in a democratic state with its rule of law who is the perpetrator, Van den Berg already concludes without any legally accepted proof that it is 'proven.' This is the problem with amateurs. One day they believe this, the other day they believe the opposite.
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