maandag 9 april 2018

View From A Professional Russia Watcher

A professional Russia watcher just wrote to me:

I just have been viewing the top show in this category, Sunday Evening with Vladimir Solovyov, which in its first segment last night is focused on just the questions you have been forwarding to several of us yesterday.  And, I am pleased to say, the conclusion of this review of the present seemingly calamitous confrontation between the USA and Russia over 'chemical attacks' in Douma is that NOTHING WILL HAPPEN because the US generals do understand the real alignment of forces in the Eastern Med and Red Seas, understand that their prized navy will be sunk, that the Russian general staff is not bluffing and is ready for war, ready to win.    What may well happen is something else: namely a US strike on Iran, which will test the degree of unity between Russia, Turkey and Iran -- a unity that in fact exists only around the political outcome in Syria, and on nothing else.  There will be no Russian counter attack for a US attack on Iran.  
Time of course will tell. 

Solovyov is a Russian TV and radio journalist. He is a Doctor of Economics and a member of the Russian Jewish Congress.

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