zondag 18 maart 2018

Masha Gessen. Propaganda

'I think when it comes to our two countries you know exactly what’s going on,' Kelly said. But there was no way she could prove that Putin knew anything at all about anything.

The Russian President was not merely pleading ignorance as one would plead ignorance of, say, a conspiracy to commit a crime. Putin was performing ignorance, strategically. 

Here again the reader is treated as a total idiot. Although the Russian-American journalist Masha Gessen states herself that 'there was no way she (Megyn Kelly. svh) could prove that Putin knew anything at all,' in the next sentence she asserts that 'Putin was performing ignorance, strategically,' thereby pretending that, contrary to any western journalist or politician, she and only she comprehends what 'Putin' knows and doesn't know. Revealing for this kind of 'journalism' is that Gessen, who hates Putin, can't give any fact which would substantiate her claim. This may look strange, only if one doesn't realize that postmodern mainstream-journalism is not really interested in facts, that in the current virtual reality propaganda has become more important than telling the truth. Fact is that until now nobody has been convicted for the so called 'meddling' in the US presidential election of 2016, and that nobody has been able to 'prove that Putin' is the mastermind behind all this. After many month's of investigation by the American intelligence-apparatus the FBI has not been able to even prove any collusion between president Trump and president Putin. And still, all the western mainstream-media keep manipulating the public opinion by stating that Russia is the main evil on earth. In the end it only shows one thing, namelijk how brainwashed the liberal and neoconservative mainstream-media are, and how they lack any moral standards. 


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