maandag 26 februari 2018

MSM Propaganda

Media Scoundrels on SC Vote for Ceasefire in Syria
by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)
Holding the cheers on adoption of Security Council Resolution 2401 on Saturday is warranted.
Washington, its rogue allies, and terrorist foot soldiers flagrantly breached all previous ceasefire initiatives straightaway – virtually certain to happen again this time.
Certain as well to be falsely blamed on Syria and Russia like earlier – the risk of escalated war far greater than restoring peace and stability to the country because Washington and its rogue allies reject conflict resolution.
Media scoundrels turned truth on its head daily throughout years of US-led aggression on Syria – including Eastern Ghouta fighting, falsely blaming Syrian and Russian forces for high crimes committed by US-supported terrorists.
They’re at it again. The NYT said agreed on Security Council 30-day ceasefire followed “days of bombardment by the Syrian government on a Damascus suburb left hundreds of civilians dead.”
Fact: Al-Nusra and other US-supported terrorists bear full responsibility for the carnage – not Syria or Russia.
The Times lied calling Eastern Ghouta “rebel-held area…” It’s been occupied since 2013 by US-supported cutthroat killers, responsible for gruesome atrocities ignored by the Times and other media scoundrels.
The Times quoted Nikki Haley’s despicable Big Lies at the Security Council on Saturday in painful detail – discussed at length in a same-day article.
The neocon/CIA house organ Washington Post’s report was much like the Time’s – falsely blaming Russia for days of delay, turning truth on its head saying:
It “allowed ally Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to pursue a renewed bombing campaign blamed for hundreds of recent deaths in a rebel-controlled area.”
Fact: US-supported terrorists alone bombarded Eastern Ghouta with daily shelling, massacring civilians, murdering anyone trying to leave the enclave for safety, holding the population hostage as human shields.
The Qatari regime’s Al Jazeera has been airing daily propaganda reports on Eastern Ghouta fighting, disgraceful disinformation, suppressing vital truths about what’s gone on.
Citing Western funded Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) disinformation on Saturday, Al Jazeera lied, accusing Syrian warplanes of continuing to bomb Eastern Ghouta after passage of SC Res. 2401.
It’s been airing daily reports, blaming Syria and Russia for high crimes committed by US-supported terrorists, continuing on Saturday and Sunday.
US-led aggression on Syria continues – SC Res. 2401 virtually certain to change nothing on the ground.
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