maandag 12 februari 2018

Inside Climate News

In the 02/12/2018 edition:

Geothermal: Tax Breaks and the Google Startup Bringing Earth's Heat into Homes

By cutting costs and laying pipes for entire communities, Dandelion is trying to make low-emissions heating and cooling more affordable. 
During one bitter cold winter in upstate New York, Matt VanDerlofske spent $4,000 on fuel oil to heat his drafty, two-story home for the season. That was twice what he typically paid, and he had to cancel family vacations to afford it.

Femke Halsema en de Zionistische Terreur

Femke Halsema, Tel Aviv als uw 'voorbeeldstad' voor  Amsterdam, is het uitgaanscentrum van de 'Joodse staat' Israel di...