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This is Not Hiroshima, But Gaza

The Machavellian state of Jewish Zionism
Around turn of the century 1900, Zionists began planning the overthrow of existing law and order of Palestine, and rather than seeking peace by acknowledging the factual history of how the conflict began, they've kept the conflict going by maintaining the false narrative and still insisting lies told more a century ago are true today. Simultaneously they try to persecute and intimidate anyone advancing the factual history. In conjunction with other lobbying and intense propaganda campaigns in the West, Zionism entitled itself to begin the ethnic cleansing of Palestine by taking one little step at a time. 
Part of the Zionist strategy has always been to blame the Arabs while wanting to keep the Western public on their side and supporting the Zionist cause as they told the world they only wanted peaceful coexistence in Palestine. It was a myth and a big lie. To declare statehood in 1948, Zionist terror gangs massacred entire villages and expelled 3/4 of a million Muslims and Christians from homes and land their ancestors lived on for thousands of years. While ancient Jews did have a home in the holy land thousands of years ago, so did many others at the same time, and before the short time Israel refers to as when it was their "kingdom". Evidence of Zionism's contempt for the truth and anyone that discusses it, is likely to be seen in the comments below if Israel's defenders read this, and as usual they'll deny and distort the facts with programmed responses while trying to intimidate anyone else that might speak up.
Just like over a century ago when the original lies and distortions began creating small conflicts in Palestine, as the lies increased over time, so did the intensity and scale of the overall conflict. Through the chain of events since the Zionist movement began, they have consequently caused terrorism to spread outside of israel -- more so than ever since Israel's lobby groups pushed the US led West to wage wars in the Mid-East according to their strategy as described in the infamous 1990's and year 2000 PNAC papers. Ultimately Israel's PNAC wars have imposed death and refugee status on millions of innocents since 9-11 provided the excuse to launch their preplanned war crimes. 
The collective mindset behind the overthrow of Palestine and terroristic birth of Israel in 1948 can be summed up as Zionism's self-entitled combination of religious and racial supremacism. 
Why hasn't the "civilized" world forced Zionist Israel to change and comply to international law already? And what would it take for Israel and their supporters to change their attitudes and behaviors? We are talking about war crimes here, and the West has been programmed with hypocrisy by the extremely biased pro-Israel media that tells us to believe the West and Israel are righteous and don't tolerate war crimes or terrorism while trying to tell us Israel's terroristic birth and war crimes since then, aren't really war crimes at all but instead are "justified". The collective psychology behind Zionism has proven itself a powerful tool and weapon, literally being the cohesive force tying the various mechanisms together that have allowed Zionism to commit cultural genocide in Palestine among the indigenous Muslims, Christians and Jews that existed in relative peace for approximately two centuries before the European Zionist movement began in earnest. 
Looking at human behavior, we know some people are much less likely to lie, murder or steal than others. Part of anyone's potential for crime is arguably built into their genetic code or 'human nature'. Our human natures may be considered a result of genetics depending on how we define human nature and where it's presumed to be derived from. Many believe the varying characteristics that comprise our human natures are a result of, or part of, our eternal soul or 'source energy' that's part of a greater collective consciousness or God. There's at least one school of thought claiming human nature is not a valid factor at all, and the inclination to commit violence or lie is because of what we learn through the culture we're born into which literally programs and indoctrinates us. If that were 100% true and we're all blank slates in the beginning waiting to be programmed, then we'd all be much closer to the same -- either mass murdering psychopaths, non-violent pacifists or somewhere in between. Ultimately we do have innate human natures or characteristics if you prefer, while some people are much more inclined or even predisposed to be aggressive or passive, deceitful or honest or what have you. As individuals, most of us are passive or aggressive depending on the situation and circumstances while greed or selfishness and our sense of justice, could also be factors along with many others. In a large collective of humans living in overlapping societies and cultures, there will always be people at the extremes possessing any particular human characteristic, but the attitudes and actions of the general collective will swing back and forth towards one extreme or the other over time as the collective nature of any group will change with circumstances, and also even if it's only very slightly, when for example older people are replaced by younger people that have a different innate human nature.
The culture we grow up in undoubtedly influences our individual and collective political, economic and religious ideologies and attitudes among others. The majority of humans just want to fit in and be accepted by the crowd, many don't question anything at all and will knowingly accept lies as facts in order to be accepted. For all but the most principled and or liberated free thinkers, culture affects how we view the world and everyone around us while programming us to some degree with what's acceptable as far as actions and interactions with others, including initiating or responding with violence. 
So we're all individuals, but some are followers to a much greater degree than others, and if the culture leans towards aggressive injustice, enabled by deceit and excessive undue influence through intimidating, bribing, blackmailing or otherwise corrupting politicians in foreign countries who will then help perpetuate the charade and myth that Israel's human rights and war crimes are kosher, somehow sanctioned by God, then the uncritical and unquestioning Israelis and their worldwide supporters will follow that lead when electing to run with the herd -- and they in turn will program the new generation of followers to accept and promote the same hypocrisies. Our Western cultures describe and deem deception, mass murder and theft for personal gain as immoral and illegal, yet Israel somehow commits these acts with impunity. Obviously there are large numbers of individuals that aren't grounded in moral principle according to today's generally accepted standards when it comes to israel -- or they and their societies are victims of successive generations of Zionist propaganda. And there's the catch because in the case of Israel, Western societies and cultures are collectively hypocrites when overlooking and enabling Israel's crimes while some are also committing crimes on Israel's behalf, which are socially accepted but not morally if the truth is known. Unfortunately for everyone concerned, the Western public isn't aware of all the lies and distortions that manipulated their individual and collective sentiments to make Israel the "success" it is to date. Our overall society then, would more correctly be described as gullible and manipulated than immoral when it comes to Israel. This of course does not excuse all those who knowingly participate in the deceptions that have enable Israel's war crimes and in fact makes those individuals and groups accessories and guilty of war crimes according to US and international law. The bottom line is, war crimes have intentionally and knowingly been committed for decades and continue to this day; and for a combination of reasons no one has stopped it yet, but the chorus against Israel is steadily building as more people are seeing the hidden truth.
Many Zionists, Jews and non-Jews supporting Israel today are victims themselves of various aspects of more than a century of Zionist propaganda which is all some have ever been allowed to know or think. Any Western politician or celebrity that speaks up with the truth can certainly expect to be ridiculed and accused of making anti-Semitic remarks for stating certain historical facts. Why does anyone believe the absurd claim that speaking up for palestinian rights is anti-Semitic? The truth itself is anti-Semitic and Zionists made the truth what it is and they are anti-Semitic according to their own definition. So we can't speak the truth about Israel nor advocate human rights and protection for Palestinians under international law unless we're willing to be persecuted by some of Israel's extremists and their support apparatus for telling the truth. How many entertainers, politicians, educators or news people have been blacklisted because they stated historical facts about Zionism or Israel? It's quite a large number and, as intended, has intimidated, indeed coerced, even larger numbers of people to remain quiet and appear to tacitly approve of Zionism's continuing offenses. Our collective society has concluded it's socially acceptable to remain employed instead of having the courage to stand against injustice while society allows the courageous to be abused and cast aside, possibly even beaten or murdered by overzealous Zionist extremists programmed by a culture of tyranny that's been carrying and perpetuating a deeply rooted contempt for the truth about themselves, which they hypocritically deny, while simultaneously trying to keep the truth from being understood by the rest of the gullible and propagandized Western world of coerced and cowardly educators, politicians, entertainers and "news" people that enjoy their lucrative careers too much to do anything but look the other way pretending to see and know nothing just like Israel wants them too -- many are brainwashed and programmed or immorally in full support of Israel's crimes even while knowing the factual history. 
Zionist Israel has been emboldened because no one of significance among their tribe has been held accountable by anyone in the world from inside or outside their tribe, while millions of war crimes against individuals and the Palestinian society and culture have been committed to date. Many Palestinians have been victims of multiple war crimes through the course of their short lives -- as it is today for those ten year olds among the captive population corralled into Gaza which has been relatively defenseless while being periodically fired on with the world's latest high tech weapons by Israel's navy gunships, army and air force -- all while the corrupted and perverted individuals and collective society of the Western establishment vociferously demand those ten year old victims make peace by accepting dictated terms to forgive their tormentors for having methodically been destroying palestinian families and culture for successive generations totaling more than a century of various kinds of abuse. 
Any collective group that adopts racist supremacist beliefs and imposes those beliefs on others for generations, can expect racism to be perpetuated in their society and culture. If seventy percent of the human population consists of unquestioning followers, unquestioning followers as individuals and as a collective society will advocate, maintain and promote aggressive supremacist beliefs exactly as they've been programmed until someone or some group(s) stop(s) them.
Around the turn of the century 1900, European Zionists decided they wanted part of the holy land for themselves and realized terroristic violence would be the only way they could dislodge the indigenous Muslims and Christians -- they began concocting a maze of lies and deceit to facilitate the theft of Palestine while Israel continues to grow using the same methods today...
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