vrijdag 12 januari 2018

MSM Fake News

FAKE NEWS: Media mislead public on 

Ecuador, Julian Assange developments

With the way the media is reporting the story, you’d think that the Ecuador government is on the verge of kicking Julian Assange out of the embassy in London.
Here is the story: Ecuador has confirmed that it will “protect” the WikiLeaks editor, but it is an “untenable situation” to continue having him detained in the United Kingdom for nearly six years. The Ecuador government is now requesting a third-party mediator.
OK. Sounds simple enough.
But don’t tell that to the media, many of which are inferior to the government transparency organization.
London Telegraph: “Ecuador could remove Julian Assange from London Embassy as situation ‘non sustainable.”
The Australian: “It seems Julian Assange may have finally overstayed his welcome at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.”
Zeit Online: “His stay here has become intolerable.”
New York Post: “Julian Assange might be getting kicked out of Ecuador’s embassy.”
Talk about fake news.

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