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Apocalyps Nu!

$21 Trillion of Unauthorized Spending by US Government Discovered by Economics Professor By RT News Global Research, December 26, 2017 RT US News 16 December 2017 Region:  Theme: 

The Next Financial Crisis Will Be Worse

DEC 29, 2017TD ORIGINALS The Next Financial Crisis Will Be Worse Than the Last OneWall Street. (Henry Han / Wikimedia Commons) We’ve made it through 2017. The first-season installment of presidential Tweetville is ending where it began, on the Palm Beach, Fla., golf course of Mar-a-Lago. Though we are no longer privy to all the footage behind the big white truck, we do know that, given the doubling of its membership fees, others on the course will have higher stakes in the 2018 influence game. The billionaire who ran on an anti-establishment platform went on a swamp-filling, deregulatory and inequality-producing tear, in the process creating the wealthiest Cabinet in modern United States history and expanding his own empire along the way. His offspring, Russia-related investigations aside, didn’t do too shabbily either. White House policy adviser Ivanka Trump’s brand opened a splashy new store in the lobby of Trump Tower in Manhattan, just in time for Christmas. If you look at the sto…

Israeli Apartheid