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EU Calls for embargo on Saudi Arabia

European Parliament renews call for arms embargo on Saudi Arabia the day after Theresa May visits the country
The PM has refused to end arms sales Jon Stone Brussels  @joncstoneFriday 1 December 2017 12:46 GMT70 comments


December 2, 2017


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Flynn’s indictment over Russian influence reveals… Israel’s influence!By Philip Weiss

Former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn pleads guilty to lying to the FBI about reaching out to the Russians in 2016. But he did so at the president's urging on behalf of Israel, to quash a Security Council resolution against settlements the Obama administration was allowing to pass. The Russians ignored Flynn's advice. And the Israel lobby is still the elephant in the room.

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Dangerous signs that Trump, Netanyahu and the Saudi Crown Prince are planning wider Mideast warBy James North

The Mideast could soon explode in a wider war, as Trump, Netanyahu and the Saudi Crown Prince may be targeting Lebanon and, ultimately, Iran.

Stop de oorlogsmissies!

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