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America and The Imperialism Of Ignorance

Review: America And The Imperialism Of Ignorance
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March 26, 2012 Imperial ignorance
Aijaz Zaka Syed ==== For nearly half a century the world teetered on the edge of a nuclear catastrophe as the US-Nato and Soviet nuclear arsenals targeted each other, promising assured destruction of life on the planet in a matter of minutes…Alexander argues that all that could have been avoided and was totally avoidable as the Russians never posed a serious threat to the West.
[T]rillions of dollars in taxpayer’s money continue to be poured into the bottomless pit that is America’s all-consuming war machine, which now lords over the whole planet with military bases and presence in almost all parts of the world. America’s war hasn’t stopped for a moment since it stepped out of its borders to join the Great War.
With the demise of Soviet Union and the worldview that it represented, the military industrial complex and the gargantuan corporate war in…

Capitalism is Ending

NewsWorldEurope Capitalism is ending because it has made itself obsolete, former Greek finance minister Yannis Varoufakis saysExclusive: Former economics professor says rise of artificial intelligence will spell end of neoliberal system Tom Embury-Dennis@tomemburydWednesday 18 October 2017 12:45 BST551 comments

Ian Buruma and Mark Twain

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