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The Ongoing Terror of the Israel Lobby

Professor Stephen Walt and the New York Times on the Extraordinary Power of the Israel LobbyOctober 7, 2017| Categories: Guest Contributions| Tags: |Print This Article
Professor Stephen Walt and the New York Times on the Extraordinary Power of the Israel Lobby Here is Professor Stephen Walt on the Continuing Problem of the Israel Lobby: Here is the New York Times on the Power of the Israel Lobby to Overturn Tenured Academic Appointments:

Israel Perpetrated Ethnic Cleansing in 1948

Yes, Benny Morris, Israel Did Perpetrate Ethnic Cleansing in 1948

The Israeli historian is right about one thing: The understandings that the Arabs should be expelled in 1948 were not carried out in full.

Daniel Blatman Oct 14, 2016 7:48 PM

In this 1968 photo from the UN Relief and Works Agency archive, Palestinian refugees arrive in east Jordan in a continuing exodus from the West Bank and Gaza Strip. AP Photo/UNRWA Photo

There won't be peace until Israel accepts responsibility for the Nakba

On March 10, 1948, the national Haganah headquarters approved Plan Dalet, which discussed the intention of expelling as many Arabs as possible from the territory of the future Jewish state. Morris wrote about it in his book “1948: A History of the First Arab-Israeli War” (2010). He stated that the plan aroused a historiographical dispute, with pro-Palestinian historians claiming it was a master plan for expelling the Arabs living in Israel. He claimed that a careful examination of the plan’s wo…

Revolutionizing TV

From Killing Germans in WWII to Revolutionizing TV, Norman Lear Reflects on His LifeNorman Lear in 2009. (Mr. Lewis / CC 2.0) Norman Lear is a television icon, known for bringing controversial political elements into popular TV shows. Outside of his long career in Hollywood, Lear is also a political activist: He's passionate about protecting the First Amendment and founded People for the American Way, an advocacy organization for progressive causes. "I didn't set out to be a writer," Lear tells host and Truthdig Editor in Chief Robert Scheer in the first of a two-part conversation, aired on this week's episode of "Scheer Intelligence." Lear begins by telling Scheer how his childhood and early experiences in the military shaped his political and moral views. ADVERTISEMENT "We were in love with what America was about then," he says. But flying bomber planes in World War II changed his worldview. "We have to face our humanity," he tell…